September 28, 2016

Hairstyles that your favourite celebrities don are often the result of extensive grooming at the parlour. Needless to say, the damage done to their hair is often greater that the impact they leave behind. What if we told you that you could sport some of the best looks, with zero damage to your hair? To all you naysayers out there, here are five of the best damage free hairstyles we learnt at Ofrah’s Salon. Try them out!

1. Turn up the Volume

Volumizing is the best counterpart to hair that strides on the thinner side.  When it comes to volumizing all you really need is a damage free dryer. Run it along the length of your hair starting at the tips. Repeat this process for a good two or three minutes. Before you know it, your hair will have the volume that you have been yearning all this while. This technique works best with hair that has just been washed so that the effects are long lasting.

damage free hairstyles

2. Totally Twisted Beach Girl

This hairstyle begins by dampening the entirety of your hair. You then process by brushing it downwards creating partitions that you clip up. Begin at the bottom and work your way up. Decide on the thickness of each strand that you would like. Once you have done this, twist each strand extensively, so as to create waves in your hair. Continue this process with the remaining part of your tresses. You will end up with a very nice flowy hairstyle. The curls will seem very natural and that’s the best part of this hairstyle. This is a classic take on how something as simple as twisting your tresses can create the same effect as a set of heat curlers.

damage free hairstyles

3. Vintage Curl Jam

For this hairstyle all you really need are a set of curlers and a blow dryer. Begin by wetting your hair using a water spray. Proceed to partition your hair into as many you deem fit. To each partition, begin at the bottom, rolling each lock with the help of a curler. Repeat this process with the rest of your hair and leave it for a while. Blow dry the curls to ensure that they stay put for a longer period of time. Once you are done, slowly remove the curlers. A considerable amount of hairspray can keep the curls in tact for a longer period of time.

damage free hairstyles

4. Chic Me Up

Don a crown with this bun. It’s simple and chic. To create this look, you begin with the locks at the bottom of your head. Take bigger portions, at the bottom and curl each one. For each lock that you curl, secure it firmly at the top with a clip. Proceed to do this with each lock. After curling each lock, add it to the portion that you have gathered at the top of your head. Continue till you no longer have any hair dangling about. By the end of this process, you will have secured a glamorous bun that is bound to make heads turn.

damage free hairstyles

5. Funky Braid Junky

For this look, you begin by creating a single partition at the top of your head. This essentially ends up becoming a fringe for your look. So refrain from picking up too much hair. Once you have done this, secure it firmly with a clip. In the remaining portion of your tresses, create about four or five divisions. This again depends on the thickness of your hair and the number of braids you want to incorporate. Once you do this, proceed to braid each division. Once you complete a braid, hold it together with a rubber band. If you want to add a little volume to each braid loosen out the braid so it creates the illusion of a thicker braid. Continue this process with each of the braids. Once you are done, move all the braids to one side. Gently comb your fringe that you secured at the start. Clip it back loosely for the perfect girl next door look.