March 21, 2018

The environment in which you live affects your personality every day. If your physical space is cluttered, you will feel a sense of disharmony in your life. After all, who wouldn’t want to walk into a home that has been put together in a way that gives you a feeling of being calm and at peace? Here are some simple ways to create your own healing space at home that will add positivity and reduce stress levels.

1. Soothing Colours

Colours have a healing power. Our mind is trained to associate some colours with calm. While blues and greens create a soothing environment, earthy ones like beige, blush, and cream create a warm and optimistic feeling. Choose any of these soft tones for your bedroom to reduce your stress levels.

create your own healing space

2. Add Natural Elements

The humble houseplants can lift your mood instantly. They are nature’s filters – think of them as little scrub brushes, that wipe away all impurities from the air and leave your room more oxygenated and clean. Get started with these indoor plants to create a balance of nature in your home.

create your own healing space

3. Stress-Free Surroundings

Reading a great stress buster. Our mind is filled with so much daily clutter that it is necessary to open a book and transport to another world – away from tension and stress. Take inspiration from these bookshelf designs that reflect your personality.

create your own healing space

4. Natural Lighting

As the spaces around us become cramped and smaller, so does our tolerance level to stress. Get smart with your limited space and create a bay window where the sun’s rays fall every morning. The natural light is not only good for your bones but also improves your mood. It will also make the room look bigger and cozy.

create your own healing space

5. Create a Therapeutic Environment

You can choose from feng shui, Buddha statues, aromatic candles or whatever you feel brings harmony in your home. From the moment you get out of the car, you want to feel that you are entering into a nurturing zone. Choose elements that are warm and inviting and stay away from shiny, sharp and garish objects.

create your own healing space

6. Happy Feet

If chilling with your friends in the comfort of your home brings you happiness, then you need to add pops of bright colours to make the room look cheerful. Carpets based on your personal taste are the easiest way to make yourself more comfortable in your abode.

create your own healing space