March 22, 2018

It’s never an easy task to raise kids. In today’s times marked by excesses of tech and gadgets, one is got to be ever so careful about bringing up children. This is even more important for working mothers, for they don’t have the luxury of time and have to balance between professional endeavours and responsibilities at home.

Mothers who run errands for home and manage professional rigours have got to ensure they push kids in the right direction. So how can a working mother encourage kids to spend time indoors constructively?

1. Be mindful of your kids’ TV viewing habits

To put it simply, encourage your kids to watch meaningful programs on television instead of merely whiling away time watching cartoons. While cartoons are indeed, a lot of fun, what about utilizing time judiciously? With channels like Discovery Kids, Nat Geo Kids there’s no dearth of engaging yet educative programs that appeal to the psyche of growing kids. Even shows on entertainment channels like Epic, run informative programs for curious, developing minds. Be sure you spend some time along with your kids in watching those.

encourage kids to spend time indoors constructively

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2. Encourage the book reading habit

Gone are the days when one would find a young kid sitting down with an Enid Blyton or Nancy Drew novel. This is strange, particularly when there is no dearth of children’s literature. Open the world of your child to the wonderfully absorbing world of children’s literature. Tell them a thing or two about Ruskin Bond and encourage them to explore the world of Feluda, one of Satyajit Ray’s phenomenal children’s literature characters.

encourage kids to spend time indoors constructively

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3. Explore meaningful apps for children on smartphone

Chances are, at this time while you are away at work your kid is holding on to the smartphone. And has most probably, crossed level 2 of his favourite game. While that spells boundless fun, it can lead to a smartphone addiction. What are you doing about this? Here’s a simple but valuable suggestion. Agreed that smartphones have begun to hold an irreplaceable presence in our lives, you can still push your child to extract the maximum from tech. Drive him to pursue educational apps that are truly worth his while. And there are tons of them. Consider these: Elmo loves 123s, Stack the States, Vocabulary Spelling City, Winky Think logic puzzles and many more.

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4. Encourage your kid to be responsible and aware of his possessions

The school bag that’s thrown around the moment the kid arrives back from school. There’s the unkempt bed and socks everywhere. No idea about where the toothbrush is. Not sure if books have been arranged in the school bag according to next day’s timetable. There’s a lot that can bother a working mum if attention isn’t paid to guide the child to act responsibly. How about interacting with your kid and informing him of things he must be cautious about; instead of leaving everything conveniently on his mum. With the right guidance, you can raise your ward rather responsibly and few things bring as much joy as seeing a child develop into a mature being. Start now. This can be an important measure to encourage kids to spend time indoors constructively.

encourage kids to spend time indoors constructively

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5. Give games like Pictionary and Carom a new lease of life

One of the best ways to encourage kids to spend time indoors constructively is by opening their world to a repository of insightful indoor games. It’s rather sad that in today’s times being marred by smartphone addiction and over-obsession with social media, simple pleasures of life like Carom and Pictionary often lay listless in some corner of the house. It’s almost like they grew up with a different set of generation. But no matter what, an early introduction to constructive word building, language building games like Pictionary was always helpful. Perhaps your mum introduced you to it in the 80s. It went on to reflect well on your scoring sheets. So how about taking your kid to a walk down the memory road- especially when it can be both educative and informing? Secondly, there’s so much fun in playing carom. It’s addictive and augurs well for a sense of camaraderie and bonding. Be sure to spend time with your child playing games like carom.

encourage kids to spend time indoors constructively

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