February 10, 2017

Most of us have bad hair days when we hate everything about our hair. And though we may fret about our imperfections, they don’t interfere with our daily lives. But people who have hair dysmorphia obsess over the way their hair looks and feels throughout their day. It impacts their lives so much that they sometimes opt for unnecessary hair treatments that may further reduce their hair quality. Plagued by ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ complex, they never seem to find any satisfaction.

The only way to tackle these ‘flaws’ is by loving your hair in their natural state and by playing to the strengths of your hair type.

hair dysmorphia

Let’s deconstruct some of the most common misconceptions:

1. I’m not satisfied with my hair texture

People with straight hair are heard complaining they wish they had wavy or curly hair, whilst those with waves always say their lives would be easier if their hair were curly or straight rather than in-between.

Whatever the texture of your hair, the best thing to do is embrace itIf you’ve got straight hair, you’ve got the ability to go for a super-cut like a shag or a bob, which those with curly hair often can’t do. If you have wavy hair, celebrate the fact you can just get up and go with barely anything needing to be done. Rock that slept-in look like a boss!

2. My hair is always in a poor condition

People generally get confused between when their hair needs repair and when it needs moisture. If they’ve got a few split ends then they instantly reach for a super-rich shampoo and conditioner which ends up weighing it down and creating a grease problem. This leads to the hair breaking out.

All that needs to be done is, clean your locks with a detox shampoo to break down product build-up. Regular trims help in getting rid of dry and split ends, whilst a clarifying shampoo used once weekly and without conditioner allows you to see it for what your hair is in the natural state.

3. I wish my hair was less (or more) thick

People with thick hair feel that their life would be easier if they had silky, fine hair, whereas those that actually have fine hair wish theirs was thick and had loads more volume.

The advantage of having finer hair is that you can carry shorter styles like pixie crops or shags with ease, without having to worry about taming frizz. Those with thicker hair get to enjoy longer cuts without worrying about a lack of fullness or volume.

Celebrating what you have is your route to hair happiness.