August 3, 2017

Looking for freestyle clothing for your babies without skimping on the style quotient? Go beyond the typical shorts-t-shirts and think harem pants, boho skirts and asymmetric dresses. The Baby Label has some comfortable Indian wear for kids that will make your little ones look oh-so-cute!

comfortable Indian wear for kids

What You Get

It’s hard to find authentic Indian clothes for kids in the age range of 0-6 years old. While you can get lots of options for girls, there are very few choices for boys. At The Baby label though, you can shop for kurta pyjamas and boho harem pants in vibrant prints that are suitable for both. Apart from this, there are also, skirt-top pairs and asymmetric dresses for girls.

For 0-1-year-old babies, you can buy comfortable Jhablas that can be tied at the side.

comfortable Indian wear for kids

Jhablas for babies

How It’s Made

The mommy behind the brand, Divya Bansal, knows that comfort comes first for kids. “We work with only the best mul fabric that is very breathable. Also, we use the finest elastics that won’t hurt the baby,” she says. These little details make all the difference between a good and a great outfit.

comfortable Indian wear for kids

They use three techniques for printing the fabric – shibori, that is a Japanese art of dying; tie and die and hand block printing. This ensures that each pattern is unique.

comfortable Indian wear for kids

Block being prepared for printing

Unique Prints

What sets the brand apart is that they design their own blocks so you won’t find these cute patterns anywhere else in the market. From giraffes to cars, pineapples and dream catchers – your kids will be spoilt for choice. “It is one of the most authentic Indian clothing you can find for kids as each of our pieces is printed by hand. A lot of our clients take our clothes as gifts when travelling abroad,” adds Divya.

Even though they have clients in over 15 countries, their prices remain quite affordable starting from a range of Rs 1,000.

comfortable Indian wear for kids

Handprinted dream catcher

Something Special

If you don’t like their designs (that’s highly unlikely) then you can order a custom made outfit for your little one. You can also get special touches added like embroidery and choice of colours. What’s more? Divya is coming out with an eco-printed t-shirts range. Imagine your favourite plant leaves dipped in dye and printed directly on the tees. The results would be magnificent! Stay tuned to her Instagram page for more information.