May 13, 2017

Love stalking Instagram accounts to get your sugar rush? It’s time to get your own day in the sun. We found these awesome, colourful desserts across Delhi that you would not only love to munch on, but also snap and share. Lay your hands on these 8 most Instagram-worthy delicious desserts right now.

1. Macarons

Can you ever have a macaron without taking its photo first? It’s the cutest and most clickable sweet treat that you should always keep handy. They’re made up of egg whites, almond flour and lots of icing sugar that just melt in your mouth. So we say, go ahead and buy an entire jar from Jaya’s cakewalk.

colourful desserts

2. Rainbow Cake

Order online and dig into this Rainbow Cake from Innerchef. As the name suggests, it is a playful rainbow coloured moist cake layered with rich vanilla meringue buttercream and finally adorned with more colourful chocolate candies. Yum!

colourful desserts

3. Filo Tart

If you like the mango cream one gets outside Haji Ali in Mumbai, then you will surely like its twist of taste in this Haji Ali Filo Tart. The tart overflows with Alphanso mangoes placed over a mango cream in a filo pastry. Simple, yet decadent. Head to Ek Bar in Defence Colony to get your fill(o).

colourful desserts

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4. Rum Cake

This one is for gluten-free and vegan lovers. Take home this whole wheat alcohol-free plum cake that is packed with dry fruits and spices from Bake Art.

colourful desserrts

5. Cupcakes

Make your tea time extra special with these cupcakes from Jaya’s cakewalkSmothered with light, yummy, melt in your mouth butter cream, these ligh and fluffy sweet treats will certainly make your Instagram followers a tad jealous.

colourful desserts

6. Blueberry Cheesecake

Whipped, in GK-2, has made quite a stir with it’s creamiest cheesecakes. Try the Blueberry one with some coffee to reach dessert (and Instagram) nirvana.

colourful desserts