July 7, 2017

Make an exotic Thai spread at home that will thrill the taste buds. The cuisine with its inexhaustible flavours and fragrances will leave your guests asking for more.

1. Raw Papaya Salad

Start your party on a sweet-sour-spicy note that’s won’t be easily forgotten. Flavours from green chillies, peanuts, garlic and lime elevate the humble green papaya to an outlandish level. You can easily make this at home. Just follow this recipe.

Thai spread

2. Green Thai Curry

This spicy comfort food will give you good vibes for the weekend. Filled with crushed peanuts and colourful assortment of zucchini, beans, carrots and Broccoli, its fragrance and flavours will leave you spellbound. Order online from here.

Thai spread

3. Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Food lovers who have visited Thailand would know the distinct aroma of charcoal grilled chicken satay that fills the streets of Beijing. This savoury appetiser is a huge hit among the tourists and always a favourite at the parties. Follow this quick and easy recipe here.

Thai spread

4. Pad Thai

Pad Thai is perhaps the most well known Thai dish across the world. And for a good reason – it not only looks and tastes great but eating it is a truly interactive experience as you mouth deciphers a bursts of flavours from fish sauce, peanuts, palm sugar and chilli. It is definitely a weekend kind of dish that will wake up your senses from a slumber. Find recipe here.

Thai spread

5. Sticky Rice and Mango Pudding

 Heavenly is the only way to describe this dessert. End your party on a high note with this ultimate sweet comforter that is quick and easy to make, and oh so scrumptious. This is how it’s made.

Thai spread

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