January 28, 2018

On this Valentine’s Day, if you are wondering what true love feels like, then look no further than the Catana comic strip. Its portrayal of an everyday couple is winning hearts on the internet.

Catana comics was started on a whim by John & Catana who are real-life lovers from upstate New York. When they started a while back they thought their storytelling was nothing extraordinary but little did they know that they would hit the right spot with the true and honest narrative.

With only about hundred posts till date, they have managed to bag a whopping 1 Million viewers across the globe and they are only going up from there. The wit and quirk in their content are absolutely delectable.

We loved these 10 posts from their online comic strip and could easily fit them into our everyday phenomena. Have a look and decide for yourself.

1. When You Have A Lazy Day At Home

2. When One Of You Has To Get Up Early For Work

3. When A Little Role-Playing Makes You Darn Happy

4. When You Both Hum The Same Song For Weeks

5. When One Of You Is An Impulsive Buyer

6. When You Find Solace In Each Other Every Night

7. When Your Energy Is Nocturnal

8. When You Get Super Comfortable Around Each Other

9. When You Dream Of Having A Pet Together

10. When A Little Effort Keeps It All Together And Going

We are sure these cute posts left you longing for your bae. How much do you connect with these two?

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