February 23, 2017

Rugs are great for giving a character to your home. But matching the right one with the room you are designing can be a task. So if you are looking for carpet styling ideas then let us explain how you can choose the perfect rug for each corner of your abode.

Soft Tones for the Bedroom

The bedroom is your peaceful retreat area. So choose a low key design that is conducive to sleep. The colours should be light and zen-like. And the size? We say go wall-to-wall. It really blocks some of the outdoor noise.

We say ‘nay’: Dark colour, loud patterns, vinyl fabric

We say ‘yay’: soft tones, cotton or wool carpets

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Courtesy: Carpet Cellar

Match Living Room to your Personality

The living room is the place to show your personality. Match your carpet pattern and colour to the furniture or an exquisite piece of decoration to draw more attention to it. But don’t make it as the dominant element of the living room – instead, choose one that complements the overall scheme.

We say ‘nay’: No wall-to-wall here. Show off that beautiful flooring with just small rugs. Also, stay away from silk or nylon carpets as these are hard to clean.

We say ‘yay’: Geometric patterns, wool carpets, small multiple carpets under each furniture piece.

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Courtesy: Carpet Cellar

Set the Mood at the Entrance

Play up warm colours at the entrance of your home to make guests feel welcome.

We say ‘nay’: New carpet is a bad investment for entrance. You will have maximum footfall here so you need something durable, even a little worn out would do. We suggest you move an old one from the living room to here.

We say ‘yay’: Keep a complementary colour scheme with the rest of your carpets to give a sense of what’s coming ahead.

Courtesy: Carpet Cellar

Keep it Friendly at the Dinner Table

Have an all-wooden dinner table? Play it up with a contrasting carpet. We say the brighter the better. It can make your entire dining room pop. Also sets a friendly tone for family gatherings.

We say ‘nay’: Don’t go big here. Get a custom size according to your table and chair settings.

We say ‘yay’: Let’s face it. There will be a whole lot of dragging of chairs and food spills. So treat your carpet with some love and care from time to time.

Double it Up as a Reading Nook

Pick a soft, fuzzy rug to create an impromptu reading nook.

We say ‘nay’: Don’t bring food and beverage to a fuzzy carpet. Cleaning the spills will be a nightmare.

We say ‘yay’: Add some throw pillows, a potted indoor plant, and a reading light to hook up a permanent reading corner for yourself.

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Courtesy: SPV and Carpet Cellar