September 1, 2017

Your interiors can look dull and boring even if you get the best painting, furniture and fittings. What’s missing you may ask? It’s the aesthetics. What transforms an apartment into a home is the careful detailing you add, with your personal touch. If you want to warm up the aura of your house, there’s no better way but to start with your floors. You must carefully pick the rugs and carpets for your rooms to ensure a balance between design and practicality. 

1. Colours Set The Mood

Setting the mood or aura of the house is an important step in your interior designing process and picking the right colours to help you do just that.

Darker Colours give character to your homes. If your furniture and walls are very simplistic, you can use deep coloured carpets to add some personality to your rooms.

carpet flooring ideas for your home

Lighter colours play a crucial role in giving a spacious feeling to your homes. Pick neutral and pastel shade rugs if you have a stacked up house and balance it out.

carpet flooring ideas for your home

2. Express With Patterns

Carpets these days are available in many different contemporary patterns. These give the buyer the liberty to add design expression to their homes. For people who like to give a royal ethnic feel should stick to traditional patterns while someone keen on embracing nature or its symmetry should experiment with artistic and geometric patterns.

carpet flooring ideas for your home

Contemporary Patterns

carpet flooring ideas for your home

Traditional Patterns

3. Textures Change With Season

Natural textures like wool, jute, silk etc. are trending these days, as more and more people are leaning towards having a high-end space that can be flaunted. Wool carpets or rugs in bright colours are also popular during winters and also for comforting zones like the bedrooms. The functional area is also an important aspect to consider while choosing textures.

carpet flooring ideas for your home

Nature Connect

carpet flooring ideas for your home

Workspace Class

So you could be a nature loving person or a high-end category fanatic, there’s a rug for every style of living. Make better choices with better information on carpet flooring ideas for your home and take your interiors from drab to fab.

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