May 1, 2017

As the sultry, summer heat is rising, it’s the perfect time to escape the city and go camping in the hills. And being outdoors can really recharge you as long as you go prepared. Even small things like a lighter and batteries can make or break your experience. In a haste, you often forget to pack all the important items. So we’ve prepared a camping essentials checklist for you that will have you covered for all scenarios. Print this list before you start packing:

1. Hydration system

Without a doubt, this is number one on our checklist. If you are going to a place where fresh water is not easily available, then carry around 2 ltrs with you. Buy a big bottle that you can sling on your shoulders, so you remain handsfree. Carry some water purification tablets too in case of emergency.

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2. Good shoes

Regular running shoes will not do in most cases. If you are going hiking in the mountains, make sure your shoes have a firm sole for an uneven terrain. Also, your ankles should have enough space in the front. Don’t forget to carry a foot powder too to keep your feet dry.

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3. Toolkit

Small things come handy in case of big problems. You will need:
1. Matches/ Lighter: If you don’t know how to start a fire naturally then don’t get hassled. Simply carry enough matches and some extra lighters to get a fire going in no time.
2. Pocket Knife: This comes in handy for cooking, preparing twigs for a fire and first aid.
3. Flashlight: Don’t forget to bring extra batteries.
camping essentials checklist

4. First Aid

An essential first aid kit should include bandages, gauze pads, cotton, disinfectant, pain ointments, foot powder and over the counter meds for fever, rashes. Also, download a guide for dealing with medical emergencies on your phone.

5. Gear

1. Sleeping bag: Do some research before you invest in one. A good bag is waterproof and keeps you warm. It should fit you snuggly and pack up compactly in your bag. Consider bringing a layer of insulation between you and the ground too. A cheap foam pad or even an old yoga mat will do.
2. Tent: If you are going camping without professionals, then carry your own tent that is light yet strong. Make sure it has metal poles (not fibreglass) that won’t give out with a strong wind.
3. Navigation: Carry a map and compass to explore interesting places around you.
camping essentials checklist

6. Protection

Don’t forget to take care of your skin and body. You will need

1. Insect repellant: A small thing, lack of which can ruin your trip. Apply generously, even when you are not sleeping to keep all the pesky bugs at bay.
2. Sun protection: Keep a spray-on sunscreen and keep reapplying every 2-3 hours. Wear sunglasses, hat and keep your arms and legs covered with cotton clothes.
3. Insulation: Protect yourself from the vagaries of weather by carrying extra clothes.
 camping essentials checklist

7. Extra food

Just like water, you should also carry non-perishable, packaged food. Pack in some nuts, energy bars, and dry fruit. It’s also a good idea to keep munching through the day as the process keeps your body warm.
Camping essentials checklist

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