November 1, 2017

If you’re an Indian and on top of that a vegetarian, Dal is pretty much a part and parcel of your daily staple diet. It’s light on your stomach and has a balanced health quotient. But it is fairly easy to get confused since there is a plethora of options out there in the market; lentils, beans and pulses.

Fear not, we’ve got a handy guide up and running for you to remember.

Arhar & Chana (Red Gram & Brown Chickpeas)

These are one of the most popular varieties of pluses out there. They’re extremely rich and protein and they’re both yellow in colour. Hence the household name for the two – ‘The Yellow Dal’. The most popular variations of these are the ‘Dal Fry’ and the South Indian delicacy ‘Sambhar’.


Courtesy: GettyImages

Lobhia & Rajma (Cowpea & Kidney Beans)

Quite easily the easiest two to recognise in this list – Both look like kidneys. Really healthy and tasty, these can be prepped in a variety of flavours and variations based on your preference. We’ll call them ‘The Kidney Pulses’.


Urad Dal/ Kaali Dal (Black Gram)

The ‘Maa ki Dal’ or the ‘Makhani Dal’ is easily the most mouth watering version of pulses. Mostly prepped up on really special occasions and parties, this combines the traditional taste of a dal with the wholehearted use of ‘malai’ to bring along a marvellous taste.


Courtesy: Spice Bistro

Masoor (Red Lentils)

Red Lentils are especially rich in proteins. The Indian name for these is the ‘Masoor’. The ‘Masoor’ dal provides a delectable taste with a proper spice fry.


Chhole (Chickpeas White)

Ergo, this one needs no introduction. And neither does it need a second name. The ‘Chhole-Bhature’ is the epitome of the North Indian food paradise. The signature dish is inconspicuous without these Chickpeas. They are tasty, spicy and extremely mouth watering. You don’t need a new name to recognise these. Just tell your mother you want chhole, and she’ll know that they go with bhature.