July 18, 2017

Along with accessorizing, what also makes a difference to your look is how you style your hair with it. Not all hairstyles go with every kind of outfit. So get a lowdown on these hairstyles with Indian wear that will glam you up in no time. Bollywood actresses love them and so do we.

1. Fishtail – Kriti Sanon

Fishtails seem to be Kriti’s go-to hairstyle as she is often spotted in it. These may look elaborate but are pretty simple and can be done at home. Follow these step by step instructions for a perfect fishtail.

hairstyles with Indian wear

Good for: Long hair. Also, it looks good even if the hair start getting messy so it is ideal for a long day.

Wear it with: Cape lehenga.

hairstyles with Indian wear

2. High Pony – Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha is blessed with sleek and shiny hair and is often seen in simple hairdos with hair falling just over the shoulders. This high pony looks fabulous on her as it accentuates her face even more.

hairstyles with Indian wear

Good for: Medium length, straight hair. This style looks best on girls with heart shaped face.

Wear it with: Crop top and skirt.

hairstyles with Indian wear

3. Plain Bun – Alia Bhatt

Alia is proof that you can look elegant in a saree no matter your age. Just part your hair in the middle, tie them in a neat bun and you are ready for any event.

hairstyles with Indian wear

Good for: This hairstyle suits medium to long length hair. Just remember to part your hair according to your face shape.

Wear it with: You can never go wrong with a bun on a saree.

hairstyles with Indian wear

4. Braided Bun – Sonam Kapoor

Sonam never shies away from experimenting with her looks. The same is true for her hair. She can be spotted in casual as well as very elaborate hairstyles. Dupe this braided bun from her to upscale your look. Watch the tutorial here.

hairstyles with Indian wear

Good For: Medium length hair.

Wear it with: Dhoti pants to look as trendy and edgy as your hair style.

hairstyles with Indian wear

5. Side Twists Ponytail – Sonam Kapoor

Side twists are in and Sonam knows how to ace this style. It’s one of the easiest braids to create at home.

hairstyles with Indian wear

Good for: Curly, thick hair.

Wear it with: This hairstyle will look glam with a simple lehenga.

hairstyles with Indian wear

6. Half Pinned – Alia Bhatt

This sleek and simple half pinned style always comes in handy when you are getting late or do not know other hairstyles.

hairstyles with Indian wear

Good For: It is suitable for all hair lengths and looks good on both straight as well as wavy hair.

Wear it with: Flair pants for casual vibes.

hairstyles with Indian wear

7. Puff – Sonam Kapoor

A front Puff is the easiest way to upgrade your boring hairstyle. You can either keep your hair or make any other hairstyle with it. Watch the tutorial here.

hairstyles with Indian wear

Good for: For everyday wear just make a puff and a pony and if it is a formal function, then curl your hair and leave them open.

Wear it with: Brocade blazer for an ethno modern look.

hairstyles with Indian wear

8. Half Braids – Alia Bhatt

Dress up your hair in side braids for all sorts of summer events and casual evenings. What’s more? This cute hairstyle will make you look eternally young.

hairstyles with Indian wear

Good for: This looks best on wavy hair.

Wear it with: Anarkali suit for a perfect feminine touch.

hairstyles with Indian wear


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