June 16, 2017

A function is around the corner and you are still not able to find the right outfit? We have all been there. Despite numerous shopping trips, it is hard to find the perfect dress that seems has been made just for you. But don’t lose hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel by the name of Bhumika Grover. We took a look at her new collection and are convinced that she knows exactly what we want – a seamless blend of subtle and modern. Take a sneak peek at Bhumika Grover new collection and see for yourself why she deserves to be your favourite designer.

1. Perfect for daytime weddings

Bhumika Grover new collection

2. For a casual do

Bhumika Grover new collection

3. You can never go wrong with white in summers

souvenirs from India

4. Slay in Pretty Pastels

what to wear at an Indian wedding

5. Chikankari for a refined look

Bhumika Grover new collection

6. Blazing blue to welcome the monsoon

7. Light lehenga to stand out in a crowd