October 9, 2017

Has your migraine attack been disregarded as a headache by your peers before? Well, they probably do not understand that migraines are not just a bad headache but a neurological disorder. Apart from a strong and constant headache, usually on one side of the head, one experiences nausea, hazy vision, repulsive behaviour towards sound and light and these symptoms can last up to 72 hours.

Migraines can be cured and managed effectively if you educate yourself about it. 

1. Get Help With Meds Before The Pain Gets Unbearable

What It Does: Take your painkillers while your pain is at a moderate level. If unattended it can get worse with time. These migraine-specific painkillers are formulated to reduce the pain by acting on the nerve irritation and give you instant relief.

But Be Careful: Keep a check on how much and how strong your medication is.

best ways to deal with migraines

2. Track The Triggers & Treat With Therapy

What It Does: If you hate keeping a journal, make an exception for your health. It’s important to keep a record of the type of trigger for your migraine to treat it effectively. Be it environmental, dietary or hormonal, muscle relaxation or temperature therapy along with trigger related remedies can help you relax and reduce attacks by 32%.

But Be Careful: Be attentive to your body’s reaction. Make sure you identify the right factors or triggers for the right treatment and avoid stressing out in the process.

3. Regular Exercise Works Wonders

What It Does: Not a relaxation exercise, but a moderate workout that makes you break a sweat can work wonders to prevent migraines. A comprehensive study conducted on different methods of migraine prevention showed regular physical exercise had the most effective and lasting effect. This activity has multiple positive effects like releasing endorphins, getting better sleep and reducing stress.

But Be Careful: Don’t overwork your body as excessive workouts can trigger a migraine attack. A brisk walk for 30 minutes is the ideal intensity.

best ways to deal with migraines

4. Meditate & Relax Your Way To Zen State

What It Does: Stress has many negative effects in your life and is the major cause or trigger for migraines. One of the most effective ways to tackle it is to meditate and relax your mind. Create a calming environment with dim lights and a quiet space to stimulate the process of de-stressing.

But Be Careful: While meditating don’t overwork your mind. Try indulging in activities that soothe it instead.

5. Migraine Proof Your Diet

What It Does: Your meal time should be consistent so your body runs according to a schedule. Do not skip meals or fast as it can trigger migraines.

But Be Careful: Certain foods like chocolate, alcohol, cheese etc. are known to induce migraines in many. Identify the culprits in your diet and take the necessary precaution.

best ways to deal with migraines

6. Don’t Cheat With Your Sleep Schedule

What It Does: Your body works hard to keep up with your intense schedule, make sure its well rested. A downtime of  7-8 hours  allows your mind to unwind and de-stress.

But Be Careful: Indulge in some light activity like reading till you feel ready to hit the bed.