December 5, 2017

New forms of exercises are always coming up, but jogging has withstood all the trends. There are many obvious health benefits of jogging, which is why it still remains so popular. While we all know that it promotes heart health and helps you lose weight, did you know there are far more hidden perks? We bet you didn’t know these 7 benefits of jogging.

1. It Keeps Away Cold and Cough

Jogging is an aerobic exercise that stimulates the production of macrophages and lymphocytes – cells responsible for fighting infections. Also, as jogging is done outdoors, you get to breathe more fresh air and have less exposure to germs as compared to staying indoors.

2. You Will Improve Your Partner’s Health

Whether good or bad, we often take on the habits of our spouse. If you lead an active and healthy lifestyle, your partner is bound to follow suit. Even if your partner is not an active runner, encourage them to walk or trek along with you occasionally.

3. It Will Give You A Good Night’s Sleep

Having trouble falling asleep? Go for a jog. Runners tend to fall asleep quicker and get a good quality sleep as endorphins that are released during jogging relax the muscles.

4. It Prevents Cancer

Regular aerobic exercises significantly reduce risk factors associated with breast and colon cancers. Adrenaline is released by exercising, which triggers ‘natural killer’ immune cells in your bloodstream that destroy cancerous cells. Studies have shown, that recovery from breast cancer is 50% higher among women who jog 3-5 hours a week.

5. Joggers Have Healthy Eyesight

We bet you didn’t see this coming! According to a study, running significantly increases the retinal neuron production keeping your eyesight healthy. While it is not the only factor to protect eyesight, exercising can have long-term benefits for eye health.

6. It Improves Mental Wellbeing

Jogging has a direct benefit to your mental health. Feel-good hormones called endorphins are released when you run, that can instantly improve your mood. Also, when you step out of the house, and jog while listening to music you will be able to unwind and will get to experience what is called as a ‘runner’s high’.

7. It Controls Diabetes

A sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are the top reasons for developing diabetes. When you jog, your muscles use the excess glucose. That means even if you are not producing enough insulin, your body is burning the glucose. This keeps the blood sugar level down.