September 15, 2016

A long day at work or a long night spent catching up with friends? We know how hard it is go through a full night time regimen before you hit the sack. So, here’s a list of night time essentials that will ensure you wake up feeling fresh without taking a toll on your skin and hair.

1. Face Wipes

Getting up in the morning after a long gloomy night can be a task. If walking till the wash basin to freshen up is killing you, keeping a pack of face wipes on your nightstand will help. The fragrance of these wipes can leave you feeling fresh and also help you wipe away all the make up.

Bed Time Beauty Routine

2. Lip Balm

The easiest and sometimes the most delicious part of your night time regimen can be a good hydrating lip balm. Although you mustn’t compromise on your sleep and leisure, having it show on your face the next morning can be much worse. There are a variety of super healing lip balms available in the market to choose from.

Bed Time Beauty Routine

Source: Emily Loula

3. Deodorant

To enjoy a peaceful night and a great morning, keep a deodrant handy before you go to bed. You never know if you are woken up with a surprise by your best friend in the wee hours of the morning. We understand that taking a shower at that time may not really be an option. You want to be smelling morning fresh if you don’t look the part.

Bed Time Beauty Routine


4. Rubber Bands

Sleeping with your left open can leave you with a tangled mess in the morning. Keep a few rubber bands under your pillow or your bedside drawer as part of your night routine to save time finding them before you sleep. Nobody likes to wake up with a web of hair on their face. Bed Time Beauty Routine

5. Jewellery Box

This is one of the most important things to keep next to your bed. Coming back from late night parties can get tiring. After all the fun, thrill, drinking sessions and dance you just want to get into bed and not run all around for your night routine. Keeping a jewelry box next to your bed where you can tumble your earrings and you could save yourself from waking up with bruises.

Bed Time Beauty Routine

6. Hair Brush

Keep your hair brush with you at all times and save yourself hair trouble. The best of hairdos and blow dryers can’t keep your hair in shape through a night’s sleep. Before you go to bed, use a hair brush to untangle and straighten out your hair. By doing so, you are inviting flawless hair the next morning too.

Bed Time Beauty Routine

Source: Avenue Calgary

7. Skin Purifying and Cleansing Lotion

Use a good skin cleansing lotion to remove the foundation and lip color before you’ve had on all day. Ensure you have it in your bedroom at arm’s length so you don’t skip this essential part of your night routine. No matter how tired you are, sleeping with make up on is certainly not a good idea. Moreover, the lipstick marks on your sheets will be a laundry nightmare you don’t want to get started on.

Bed Time Beauty Routine


With these night time essentials by your side, we can assure you will get a stress-free night’s sleep and wake up to a bright and happy morning.