August 4, 2016

You have arrived at the doorstep of success. Nothing but the best awaits you at these dazzling heights of eminence. Here are the 11 reasons why you must own a piece of history and destiny at ATS Knightsbridge Towers.

1. Designed by Hafeez Contractor

Your habitat is not just a house to live in; it is a sprawling 6000 square feet personal floor. You get to own your personal space designed according to the best tenets of Vaastu. Head over to this property located at the Delhi- Noida cusp to experience the heady mix of azure skies, breeze, greenery and ample sunlight.

ats knightsbridge

2. The Paths to Your Apartment

They take you through an exquisitely designed landscape. We don’t want to say this but the visage will remind you of the fabulous mansions that you have seen in the movies. Needless to say, the clubhouse and the twin swimming pools will take your breath away.

ats knightsbridge

3. The Sports Area

Designed for you to relax, train and enjoy. Personal trainers coach you to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are a basketball or a tennis fan, the courts will give you a high.

ats knightsbridge

4. The Lobby

As you enter the lobby of the apartment, you will not fail to notice the elegance of its interiors. And, rest assured, the security (though discreet) will complement your sense of safety. Concierge services will always be at hand to extend the specialized service that you so expect.

ats knightsbridge

5. Luxury Enters

The elevators take you to your finely appointed lounge room. Persian carpets define its sense of style. And, we are sure you cannot fail to take your eyes off the uber cool book shelf. You get a private elevator lobby. The entrance to the apartment has been modeled after star hotels.

ats knightsbridge

6. The Kitchen

It marries the twin values of modernity and tradition. The chef of the house will be impressed by its efficiency and the largeness, we are sure.

7. The Pool Deck

The deck has been designed and made with anti skid materials such as ceramic. Design wise, the deck is one place where you can contemplate and relax.

Screenshot (226)

8. Your Humble Rest Stop

We promise that your master bedroom will please you no end. The four poster bed complements well with the Persian carpet, the chandelier and the tall drapes.

ats knightsbridge

9. The Bathing Room

The rest room has been fitted with serpegiante and black marble to heighten the sense of exclusivity. Harvest moon shaped mirrors, separate bathing tubs and the lot define the sense of exquisite living. Even the emperors would be envious of these marvelous bathrooms.

ats knightsbridge

10. Networking

The exclusivity doesn’t end here. You get to use IP based Satellite Antenna TV Systems.

11. There’s So Much More!

More facilities follow – State of the Art Fire Prevention Systems, Kid Play Area, Restaurants, Card Room and Laundry Services enhance your sense of fine living.

ats knightsbridge

Time to make your home a reflection of the chic lady living in you. It is, after all, the turf of the new age nobles.

Picture credits: ATS Infrastructre Pvt. Ltd