October 5, 2017

Karol Bagh’s very own homegrown store, Ahujasons Shawl Wale needs little introduction. From one small shop in 1979 to flagship stores sprawled across Delhi and international outlets, this brand has become synonymous with exquisite pashmina shawls. Here’s why Ahujasons’ shawls deserve a place in your winter trousseau.

Timeless Collectible

Every pedigreed fashionista knows that timeless heirlooms and collectibles are a trousseau must have. If you are planning to start your winter shopping, exquisite pashmina shawls with hand embroidered work should definitely be on your list.

Ahujasons shawls

Not Just for The Oldies

A great thing about today’s shawls is that they are not just for the oldies. With innovations in traditional heirloom, shawls have modernized a great deal. Now you can get them in myriad colours and patterns. Also keeping up with the trend, there are now pashmina stoles and scarves that promise to keep you just as warm.

Ahujasons Shawls

Ideal for All Budgets

Since each piece is hand-crafted, no 2 shawls have the same design. Ahujasons’s stoles and wraps start at Rs. 2500, while the finest quality pashminas go for upward of Rs. 1 lakh.

Ahujasons shawls

Beyond Pashmina

Before you head for a shopping spree, understand what each fabric means and what makes it unique:

Pashmina: Pashmina, meaning ‘soft gold’ is perhaps the most luxurious handspun cashmere wool. Wearing a pashmina will make any outfit look classy.

Jamavar: This is a Kashmiri speciality that has brocade work. It’s made with pashmina and silk threads and mostly features floral designs.

Kani: Kani is another popular Kashmiri design made in the Kanihama region. It’s made a with a complicated procedure using wooden looms and is a real treasure to own.

Paper Mache: Another art form indigenous to Kashmir, where a thicker needle is used to hand-craft embellishments, which resemble the age-old craft of paper mache.

Wool Silk: A relatively inexpensive option that is suitable for everyday wear.

Ahujasons shawls


Ahujasons shawls are not only a perfect collectible item but also ideal for gifting. Here’s why they will make a perfect Diwali gift.