September 1, 2016

Remember the good old 90s when Spice Girls were a rage and Fresh Prince of Bel Air was leaving a mark on the world? The celebrities of the 90s were responsible for trends that had a lasting impact on their generation. And now, some of those 90s trends are back and have become a part of our everyday lives.

Here are some 90s trends on the streets you won’t be able to miss.

The Tousled Hair

Sexy bed hair is back with a bang. Kate Moss managed to make messy locks chic in the 90s, and now many celebrities are going for this uber-cool, no-fuss-but-I-actually-put-in-a-lot-of-effort hairstyle.

90s trends

Picture Courtesy: Hair World Magazine

Accent Braids

The tiny braids are often associated with teenagers. In fact, it made a huge impact in the mid-90s, thanks to cult TV show My So Called Life. And, accent braids are back and women are using it to add to their overall appearance. It’s cute, angelic and naughty – all rolled into one. Plus it keeps your hair out of the way so that you can live like the wild goddess you were meant to be.

90s trends

Picture Courtesy: Mulpix


Drew Barrymore made chokers look exotic and stylish in the 1990s and used to couple it with miniskirts. Also, those teen witches from the movie The Craft made chokers look cool when combined with miniskirts and black lipstick. We have to say the witches looked amazing. Now Rihanna has brought the choker back into style after she was photographed wearing a stacked gold choker in 2014. Get some classic styles here.

90s trends


Most of us assume scarves were worn in the 50s and 60 by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor and Grace Kelly. On the contrary, scarves have been around for decades, and in the 90s, they were used to add appeal to the attire. Women used to throw a long scarf round their shoulders to make a fashion statement. And, now the scarves are back to accessorise outfits as statement necklaces.

90s trends

Iridescent Makeup

Kate Moss was renowned for being a trendsetter in the 1990s. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she started the trend of shimmering makeup, which has seen a resurgence in today’s world. Iridescent makeup is perfect for a night out and can complete your look. Just ask Jennifer Lopez, who loves using shimmering eye makeup to enhance her gorgeous brown eyes. Watch the tutorial here.

90s trends

Picture Courtesy: Nikkie Tutorials

Deep Berry Lips

In 1995, Liv Tyler seamlessly carried off a bold burgundy lipstick, and this trend is back. The riot of color can add oomph and panache to your appearance. Watch a tutorial here.

90s trends

Picture Courtesy: Laura Leth

Overlined Lips

The 90s was an era when lips were the focal point of the face. Many celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Cindy Crawford and Mariah Carey propagated heavily outlined lips. Today, thanks to Kylie Jenner, this fashion trend is back and thriving.

90s trends

Picture Courtesy: Desi Perkins

Rachel Green’s Hairstyles

Remember Rachel Green from the cult sitcom Friends. Jennifer Aniston hated the hairstyles her alter ego used to get every season, but she managed to create a fashion trend that is back with a vengeance. The shaggy-layered cut, blunt-cut bob, and the wavy roots with a voluminous middle part are iconic and most probably with never fade away into fashion history.

90s trends


Also, in case you missed it, hoop earrings are back in style and teens, young women and 30-somethings can be seen walking on the streets with those over-sized hoops complementing their casual and formal clothing.

90s trends

Picture courtesy: Not on The Highstreet

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