July 4, 2017

Skipped your morning run yet again because it’s raining outside? Don’t let the monsoon be an excuse to miss your fitness goals. We’ll help you stay on track with these indoor workouts that burn major calories. Do these sets for 30 minutes every day and you won’t miss the outdoors.

1. 50 Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks are a great way to warm up your body before your workout. Stand with your feet together and hands on the side. Now jump and spread your arms and legs. Bring them back on the second jump. Do sets of 50 to get oxygen flowing in your body.

indoor workouts

2. 100 Steppings

Use your steps for toning your legs and butt. Jog up and down one step for 15 minutes. Don’t go running on the entire staircase as it may strain your knees.

indoor workouts

3. 100 Spot Jogging

Another warm-up routine that will prepare your muscles for stretching. Spot jogging is a good cardio exercise and also strengthens the heart and lungs.

indoor workouts

4. 50 Lunges

Now you are ready for stretching. Start with 50 lunges to tone your upper thighs. Stand with your feet together and take a big step forward with your right foot. Now bend your right knee and bring your body forward while keeping the left foot steady. Repeat 25 times on each side.

indoor workouts

5. 25-30 Calf Raises

Stand with your feet together and lift your body supported by just your toes. This is a great exercise to get shapely calves.

indoor workouts

6. 50 Leg Lifts

Lie down on a mat with arms to your side and legs together. Now raise your legs while keeping your entire body steady. Hold that position for 5 seconds and bring the legs down. This exercise is great for burning thigh fat.

indoor workouts

7. 25 Yoga Push Ups

Yoga push-ups are considered better for the joints and give you more muscle engagement. They key difference between a normal push up and this is that your arms are closer to your body here. Start in a plank position placing your hands directly under your chest. Now lift your upper body till your elbows reach your rib cage. Bring down your body slowly and repeat 25 times. This will strengthen your upper arms.

indoor workouts

8. Follow Kayla Itsine’s Insanity Workout

If you are looking for something more intense, check out Kayla Itsine’s Instagram page for daily fitness inspirations, diet tips and highly effective circuit workouts. She has helped millions of women transform their bodies with her 12-week bikini body workout programme.

indoor workouts

All images courtesy: Pinterest.com