August 8, 2016

Home decor is oft amiss without the hint of grace lamps and lights have to offer. Aestheticity meets the minimalist approach to create art that draws one to its magnificence. Light up your home with these stylish lamps that steal the show wherever they’re placed.

1. Modern magic

Modern lamps, redefined, with these simplistic yet elegant designs. The patterns make way for light to be cast in intricate beautiful ways that gives your home a very classy touch. Hang it by a corridor and see how it’s illuminated in a subtle yet graceful way.


2. Lighted to lighten

These lights come across as modern contemporary influenced home decor. The simple rectangles cut out, cast shadows that are unbelievably precise. The lamps have a certain finish to them that radiate waves of unascertained finesse.


3. Contemporary Lamps

No bed stand is complete without a lamp. This stylish lamp sits humbly by the nightstand grabbing eyes with each glimpse The finish on the base of the lamp is simply stunning. The lampshade comes in a rather dark hue with ethnic motifs on it. Definitely a standout.


4. Candlelight delight

Opulent candle stands that make their presence felt with their stance. The glass case of the centre stand creates a superior vibe that doesn’t diminish at any corner of the room. The metallic finesse of the base with the line patterns make these stands stand out.


5. A class apart

These chic candle stands and majestic lamp stand are the highlights of any room. The candle stands come with a bronze metallic base that give them a rather antique appearance. The cream lampshade really brings out the best of the lamp. A simple stand holding together this marvel.


6. Majestic white

This porcelain lampstand blows your mind away with its simple design. The floret heightens the minimalist approach to unknown bounds. The lampshade is unique and rather simple, but when clubbed together with that stand, it does all the talking. Unapologetically majestic.


7. Disco revisited

Try these lights to heighten the vibe of the room, especially at nightfall. These lights hang from the ceiling, creating a resemblance to that of a disco ball. Glistening in the light, the crystal finish illuminates the room like none other. Stylish and elegant, forever classic.


8. Curly Madness

A take on the normal everyday lamp, this piece manages to create a very zingy vibe. The unique design stands rather stylishly by any nightstand drawing one closer to its appearance.


Let there be light we say, for darkness needn’t have to shun it away.  Spruce up your homes with these chic yet elegant lights that are bound to be show stealers in their own little ways.

Where to buy: Elvy Store, Ground Floor, Centrum Mall, MG road Sultanpur

Price Range: INR 3000 – INR 4000