September 24, 2016

Want to look stylish and carefree at the same time? Do your fashion goals include Kate Moss and Sienna Miller’s carelessly thrown but incredibly stylish outfits? Then perhaps the bohemian chic look is what you aspire. While we all think that the boho chic ensemble involves throwing all the rules of fashion out of the window, there are some tricks that can help you perfect it.

Here’s how you can get started on your own boho chic journey:

1. Denims

The high-waist, flared denims which have now been replaced by the slim-fit ones can make an epic statement for the boho chic style. They flatter your waistline and make you look carefree at the same time. These denims form an essential part of the boho chic wardrobe. Pair these with a funky crop top or better with a classic jacket.

2. Feather Earrings

These earrings should definitely find a place in your boho chic collection. Not just feather earrings, the Bohemian collection could also include danglers, wooden and metallic bangles and cuffs that fit the forearm. There’s no boho chic without jewellery we think, time to raid those flea markets?

3. Off-Shoulder tops

Off-shoulder tops are all the rage this season. Pair them up with denim shorts or the wide leg denims we just told you about.

4. Strappy Sandals

Tie-ups are something you must invest in if you are looking to sport the boho look. There has never been a better time to sport strappy sandals than now, but make sure you pick the ones that don’t take forever to wear.

5. Printed Skirts and Scarves

Prints are in and when it is those dark floral or geometric ones, they will fit right into your boho wardrobe. Wear them in printed flowy skirts and pair it up with patterned scarf to glam up a dull day. We would wear this with a solid crop top and walk in to the neighbourhood bar without a care in the world. As for the rest of your outfit, bring out those feather earrings and some chunky wedges to go with these.

6. Bags and Purses

Think leather, cloth or jute, no boho chic woman ever stepped out without a sleek bag to fit all her essentials. It is something that could make or break your look. Slings bags look great and go with almost every bohemian outfit and they are great everywhere, even when you are going to college.

7. Boots and Hats

Sport a hat with a summer dress and you’re ready on a fly. It not only protects you from the sun but also adds to your style tremendously.

8. Overshirts

They’re the reason we love the boho chic look as much as we do. Casual yet stylish they are perfect for any kind of weather and subtly accentuate your figure. We’d go for the denim or sheer ones and pair them up with boots and a fitted top.

9. Necklaces

Funky neckpieces are a given with every boho chic outfit. Think beads, charms, feathers or pom poms like the one below. Experiment with colours and go crazy at the flea market.

10. Funky Hairdos

We all know hairdos can make a lot of difference. Go back to 70s and recreate those bohemian styles like the headbands, beads, braids, high pony tails and messy buns or a scarf-thickened braid.

Boho chic dressing embodies the style of the free-spirited soul that resides in you. So let yourself go and try on anything that appeals to the wanderer in you.