July 6, 2016

It’s bad enough when the tricky corners of your house are teeming with all kinds of gnarly bugs and insects, but an outbreak of slithery lizards is something that would collectively have us all go, “Nope. Can’t do it”. And it’s that much harder to get rid of lizards when you’re terrified to even get a few feet within them while they watch you with their beady eyes. It’s especially difficult when you’re not a big fan of the chemicals loaded in the lizards repellent you get in stores. So, here are some natural yet effective ways that work wonders against these slimy pests and get rid of those lizards.

1. Bird Feathers

get rid of lizards

Ever heard about people who decorate their homes with peacock feathers? Well, they serve as more than just an interior decoration because lizards are absolutely frightened of birds, given birds’ predatory nature. So, keep a couple of bird’s feathers around your place and rest assured that lizards will keep away. Who’s the boss now?

2. Egg Shells

get rid of lizards

This is a method as old as time itself to get rid of lizards. And you’ve probably heard of your grandmothers using eggshells to keep the lizards out of their homes as lizards happen to be repelled by eggs. Just place them around your house, near windows, doors and behind cupboards and you can replace the old shells with new ones once in a while.

3. Garlic

get rid of lizards

While garlic can do magic when incorporated into your cooking, lizards totally can’t stand the smell of it. So, just hang a couple of garlic pieces around the house, especially near the door frames and window sills to keep the lizards out. If you’re facing a particularly bad infestation, you can also prepare a homemade mixture of garlic juice and water and spray it around the house. PS: Did you know the many other benefits of garlic? From getting rid of acne to helping you increase your breast size naturally – garlic is a godsend!

4. Homemade Pepper Spray

get rid of lizards

Sure, pepper sprays can be a handy weapon against creeps in public, but they also do a very good job against indoor pests like lizards, thanks to their overwhelming spicy odour. And you can even make your own pepper spray at home using ground black pepper, chilli powder and water. Load the mixture into an empty spray bottle and spray the spicy water around the house.

5. Tabasco/Hot Sauce

get rid of lizards

Tabasco tastes delicious when drizzled over your spaghetti but its spicy properties also work against lizards that are immediately put off by the smell. Similar to pepper spray, make a mixture of Tabasco sauce and water and spray the solution around the house to keep the creepy-crawlers away.

6. Onions

get rid of lizards

Just like garlic, lizards hate onions, thanks to their pungent smell. Hang them near doors or windows or simply place them in potential hiding corners. You can also make a spray out of water and onion juice to keep them out if the problem escalates.

7. Naphthalene Balls

get rid of lizards

While naphthalene balls do a good job at keeping small bugs and insects away from our homes, they also work wonders against bigger pests like lizards. Just keep them in cupboards and shelves to ensure lizards stay away from the home as far as possible.

8. Coffee Powder

get rid of lizards

This might involve you to get your hands a little dirty, but using coffee powder is a very effective way to dispose of lizards. All you have to do is prepare your own lizard-killing balls made of a combination of coffee powder and tobacco powder. Stick them on toothpicks and leave them in the corners of your shelves and cupboards. Once they consume these balls and die, get rid of their bodies. This also works for getting rid of ants.

So, here you go. These should do the trick nice and easy and help keep your homes safe and lizard-free.