September 13, 2016

Can’t stay away from Instagram? Fret not, we’re here to help you make the most of it. Your daily Instagram binge can give you the ultimate fitness motivation to transform your body. Follow these 8 fitness accounts and be inspired to work it out.

1. Jeanette Jenkins (@MsJeanetteJenkins)

The woman who has trained Hollywood icons like Pink, Alicia Keys and Kelly Rowland and athletes like Serena Williams, this woman will make you want to get in shape. She shares every workout move of her clients and herself. You will find nutrition tips and also motivational quotes. Well, that’s enough to stop being lazy.

It's Day1 of our 10Day Summer #BodyBlast in the club ?? @hollywoodtrainerclub and today's workout is #HotBodyBootcamp Cardio ????a 700-1000calorie burner!???login and Get'er done! ????#ExerciseOfTheDay is a double play ?#CardioBoost to help you #BurnCalories and #Sculpt your #Arms #Abs & #Legs from today's workout! 1) Cross Torso #RepeaterKnee 25reps 2) 3 JumpingJacks & 1 #PowerJack 10reps ??3sets! ??You can do it! ❤️Login to the club and do our full #HotBodyBootcamp 68min ?and don't worry there are modifications for beginners! The important step is to get started, 15-20min is much better than doing nothing! Get started! ????❤️You can do it! ❤️#BetterTogether #HealthIsWealth #JeanetteJenkins #BodyBlast #CardioWorkouts #CardioAbs #HotBodyBootcamp #TheHollywoodTrainerClub #WorkoutMotivation #ExerciseOfTheDay

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2. Kerry Verna (@beachyogagirl)

Her yoga-by-the-beach images might make you want to run off to pristine sandy beaches, but we’d suggest you start at home. The videos will educate you about all the amazing things yoga can do for your body and give you step-by-step instructions on asanas. It’s time to awaken the yogi in you.

3. Homesquats

Homesquats is the place to find it all, from lifting to cardio they share every video you need to get abs, muscles or lose weight. This account will tell you all about healthy and unhealthy carbs too.

Core + Arms Tabata workout!!! By @elisesbodyshop ?? #sundayfunday

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4. Irene Pappas (@FitQueenIrene)

Her yoga moves are literally jaw-dropping. Irene does her moves with perfection and helps you set a yoga routine that will have long-term health benefits.

I still catch glimpses of the past. For me it comes in many forms, but especially in small moments of anxiety. I used to walk through life constantly focused on the worst case scenario, my mind seeking negativity in every situation. No matter what I was doing I would always think about what could go wrong in each moment. And this is how I lived, as if everything was going wrong- even though many times it wasn't. Plagued by the negativity of my mind and unable to enjoy the beauty of life, I thought my depression and anxiety was beyond repair. While some of these thoughts dissipated as I grew up, truly yoga is what saved me from myself and allowed me to see things differently. More clearly perhaps. More lovingly. And now when these small moments of anxiety arise I can see them in this new way, as what they are. Reminders of how far I've come and that there is always someplace left to go. ? 30 day yoga for happiness course Wearing @gypsetgoddess x @aloyoga

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5. Melissa McAllister (@melissamade)

Her iron abs will want you to get rid of that cellulite real quick. Her at-home workout tutorials are easy and very effective if followed religiously.

Nutrition in a Nutshell: . 1⃣Eating Papa John's Pizza? won't make you a better Football Player?? 2⃣If the ingredient list sounds like a chemistry chart, skip it? 3⃣Choose "Nature's Food" not "Health Food"☀️? 4⃣Gluten Free crap is still crap? 5⃣Lean beef doesn't need to be eliminated from cholesterol-lowering diets 6⃣A candy bar with 30g of protein is still a candy bar? 7⃣Organic crap is still crap? 8⃣Hydroxycut will not make you look like a Fitness Model??? 9⃣Except for those poisonous mushrooms, if it comes from the ground?, a bush ?or a tree?, eat it . We were meant to eat fish?, meat?, eggs?, fruit?, roots? and vegetables?. Avoid the packaging, commercial hype and guarantees. Modern technology is great for our communication? and transportation? but HORRIBLE for our hearts❤️ and waistlines??.

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6. Nicole Winhoffer (@nicolewinhoffer)

She is a dancer and the woman behind Madonna’s fitness. Her modern dance moves and flexibility moves are all over her Instagram account and are inspirational to say the least.

@thestandard West Village tomorrow 9am ?

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7. Izabel Goulart (@iza_goulart)

The Brazilian model is known for her work with Armani Exchange and was one of the secret Angels of Victoria’s Secret in 2005. She shares her workout sessions with instructions that seem easy but once you dive in, you’ll know you’ve got some hard work on the cards.

In the mood for basketball?!! Vai brasil!!! Estou na torcida!! #timebrasil #eusoutimebrasil #basquete #olympics #rio2016

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8. Kelly Roberts (@kellykkroberts)

Her intense workout and running sessions rule her Instagram account. This marathon runner is the undisputed selfie queen.