November 3, 2017

If you are reading this, then Congratulations! You have reached a point in your life where you have relative financial stability and some amount of independence. Now is the time to seal the deal on that ultimate independent woman tag. Read on to know some essential tips for first time home buyers.

There are a lot of factors you need to keep in mind before you make this decision. You can count on ATS homes that are crafted, keeping the needs of every woman in mind. With its pristine lush greenery, architectural marvels and a host of resident-centric facilities, ATS will give you your ultimate dream house.

So are you ready to take the plunge? Put these pointers on your list:

1. Check the Neighbourhood

Location is the biggest USP of any house. Before signing the papers, inspect the area thoroughly. Try and take a walk around the locality to get a feel of the place. Also see how close are the nearest grocery stores, schools, hospitals etc. Remember, the location of a house can make or break your living experience.

tips for first time home buyers

2. Are you Safe?

Imagine a huge house in a completely deserted area. Security is a crucial factor especially if you are moving in with kids. A good security system is essential to ensure peace of mind and also helps you protect your investment.

tips for first time home buyers

3. Focus on the Facilities

Picking a home, which best suits your lifestyle is very important. For example, people who are obsessed with fitness might like a community with a gym, swimming pool etc. Stay-at-home moms would look for amenities like play area, cycling track and other in-house classes which will keep kids engaged. Also keep an eye on parking lots, clubhouse and green spaces.

tips for first time home buyers

4. Check the Brick

Don’t compromise on the interiors as it will lay the foundation of your beautiful home. From the kind of tiles used to the bathroom fittings and paint, there is a lot that talks about the quality and style of a building. Also sometimes, you may find a house that meets your requirements but needs some renovation. Don’t be afraid to take the challenge if that interests you, but consider the financial and time investments that come with it.

tips for first time home buyers

5. House Orientation

If you are particular about spiritual energies, then bring along a Vaastu consultant. Inspect the positioning of the bedrooms, kitchen and the puja room carefully. Improper layout or design cannot only leave you unhappy but might also be a sign of bad omen for many women. Find a house that accommodates your lifestyle.

tips for first time home buyers

6. Peep Out of Your Window

Check what will you be seeing when you open the curtains every morning. The house may look lavish, but imagine waking up to more walls outside your window. Sounds bad, right? A house which faces a lovely scenic view or even the buzzing streets of the city can make you feel more lively and happy.

tips for first time home buyers

7. Financial Flexibility

Last, but definitely not the least, affordability should be a prime concern. In most homes, it is the woman who manages finances and is the final decision maker. You not only have to part with a chunk of your savings, but also plan out the EMIs and other sundry expenses. So make sure that the investment gives you value for money before you make a commitment.

tips for first time home buyers

Take your time to do due diligence. Scout around for a good broker with adequate experience who can help you find a good deal. Happy hunting!

*note: Some of the images are an artistic impression and subject to change.