December 21, 2016

Happy Birthday, December babies! If there is one word to describe you Capricorns – it is ‘rooted’. You are committed to your goals, loyal, responsible and always moving ahead, just like your sun sign, the mountain goat. Sometimes though, people find it quite difficult to understand you – as you keep all your feelings and desires to yourself. Don’t worry and just show them this list of typical Capricorn traits. Anyone who has a Capricorn friend or lover, should know these 7 things about them.

1. They are Not Emotionally Expressive

Simply put, they don’t let emotions rule their life. While they may come across as detached and aloof, they are actually more pragmatic and logical. Remember Zooey Deschanel from 500 Days of Summer?


2. They are Ambitious

A recent study in the UK found that Capricorns draw the highest salary. That’s quite believable because they are the most ambitious sun sign driven by a desire to succeed. They make excellent leaders and strategists. On the downside though, they don’t stick to one job for long and may not be the most loyal workers.

3. They are Reserved

Dating a Capricorn man? Tough luck, because he would never take you out to parties and crowded malls. They prefer solitude to the spotlight. Maybe, a romantic candlelight dinner then. And if he looks as good as the Cappie heartthrob, Patrick Dempsey, we have nothing to complain about.


4. They have One of Everything in their Closet

Can’t get enough of your shopping? Blame it on your sun sign. You think so practically, you keep one of everything ready in your closet, just like the Duchess of Cambridge. And each item has a particular slot. You don’t like anyone messing with your space.


5. They are Focussed on their Goals

They are go-getters and set high expectations of themselves. Cappies want to make it despite all odds and are willing to work day and night for it. American first lady, Michelle Obama is their beacon.


6. They are the King of Romance

They don’t let anyone get close to them easily. But if you succeed, you’ve landed a jackpot. Capricorns are the kings of romance – with all the raw emotions that come with it. Your guy will be charm you, want to soak with you in the rain and will even get jealous if you talk to someone. Best thing? They are in it for the long haul and will never want to have ‘just a fling’.


7. They Love Compliments

Well, who doesn’t? But Capricorns secretly like to seek approval of others. Compliment them often to boost their ego. Ask them to talk about something they are passionate about, and they will light up a huge smile.

Agree with us? Leave a comment and tell us more about your  personality.