July 3, 2016

Haters are going to be haters. We’ve all heard that, heck; we’ve all been one among them at some point in time. A little hypocrisy can go a long way. All you Patanjali haters out there, hypocrites in the making maybe, we know that you’ve secretly been using a lot of these Patanjali products, because let’s face it- they’re good.

1. Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel

Nothing screams “The solution to all your skin woes” louder than Aloe Vera does. To trace Aloe Vera these days has become an onerous task to say the least. Even if you do, would you actually relish the prospects of cutting one of those prickly branches, only to see the goo gush out all guns blazing?

The fact remains that aloe vera is good for your skin, but is icky to touch. Thankfully, there’s a product which costs exactly 30 rupees and comes in a sleek tube. The only predicament, though, is that it’s been labeled ‘Patanjali’. All the numerous benefits of this power packed Aloe Vera are encapsulated in one single tube, which serves as the one stop solution to all your skin woes.


2. Patanjali Amla Juice

This has been in the news for all the wrong reasons owing to widespread claims that the juice is adulterated. But just think about it – what if it’s not? This miracle drink, when mixed with water and consumed daily, actually does wonders for your body. Now we don’t need to extol the virtues of one of the best Patanjali products of all times, do we? And the irony is that we’re still at crossroads, to go with the flow of the haters or to recognize the true value of this wonder drink?

Patanjali3. Patanjali Neem & Tulsi Face Wash

Neem is known ubiquitously for its ability to remove scars or marks on our faces. We also know that our beloved tulsi is good for lightening skin. Here comes a product that combines the best of both with almost no added chemicals. Better still, this innocuous-looking product is essentially soap free. To use or not to use, that is the question, what say?


Source: beautyandmakeuplove.com

4. Patanjali Chyawanprash

Chyawanprash is the Ayurvedic medicine that pretty much does everything for everything – immunity, cough, cold, tuberculosis and a lot more. The erstwhile health-nourishing product has now it’s got that seal of approval and been christened to ‘Patanjali.’ Before being able to figure out how and what, you’re probably already screaming “Scam” in your head. However, you need to know that it is considered to be one of the best Patanjali products  out there. You wouldn’t be wrong if you’re one of those who have suffered from sporadic bouts of pain after consuming the product. If you haven’t though, you’re being a downright hater!


Source: jiboliye.com

5. Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash

Combining bhringraj, methi, henna, and ghritkumari and coconut oil, the Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash makes a promising entry indeed and dares to be the difference that everyone else claims to offer. It is said to cleanse and nourish your scalp, making your hair smooth and silky. It all boils down to whether the product can live up to its claims or not.


Source: amazon.com

6. Patanjali Herbal Kajal

That it’s packed with safe Ayurvedic ingredients that are glaringly obviously for you, we have no doubt. That whether it lives up to its expectations, however, is the million dollar question. Smudged Kajal isn’t exactly the coveted norm, is it?


7. Patanjali Rose Water

Chemical free rose water; it is bound to do, well, everything that rose water supposedly does! Claim: Free of alcohol. Truth: Up to you to uncover, albeit in an unbiased and candid manner!


Source: beautyandmakeuplove.com

Patanjali has a history of offering products that have invariably been proven to be effective. That being said, it must be conceded that some haven’t quite lived up to their hype. Regardless, the idea is to give them a chance and discover what’s in store for you. Instead of hurriedly jumping on the hater bandwagon, why don’t you just try for yourself?