December 8, 2017

Are clothes spilling out of your wardrobe, but you still swear you’ve got nothing to wear? Well, you may have outgrown all those clothes or no longer have any use for them, but that doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t. So before you throw out those old clothes, think about the people who could actually put them to good use and contact one of these seven Delhi NGOs closest to you.

1. Uday Foundation

Working extensively for the survivors of natural disasters, children with special medical needs and the homeless, is the Uday Foundation. Clothes of any kind are accepted, so the next time you think of throwing out those clothes, think of the smiles you could bring on the faces of the affected.

2. Pahel

Professionals from different walks of life have come together to form the Pahel NGO. They organize regular camps, work on health, hygiene and areas of education. They pick up right at your doorstep, so be sure to give them a ring when you clean out that wardrobe.

3. Goonj

One of the best NGOs in Delhi, this has made a substantial difference in villages and cities, both with their 1500 development activities. Their Cloth For Work program help people receive clothes in exchange for work such as repairing roads, recharging water ponds and so on. If you want to play a small part in empowering employment, while donating your old clothes, visit the closest Goonj center near you.

4. Clothes Box Foundation

All you have to do is leave a message on this NGOs Facebook page, and the rest will be taken care of. For every article that you give away, you will be notified, so this keeps you up to date with your donations. Before you decide to endlessly scroll on your news feed, think about how you could help.

5. Care For Bharat

Donations are made fun and easy. Anything lying around like old clothes, shoes or toys can be given away to people who really need it. Give the NGO a little ring, and they’ll pick it up right from your doorstep. Be a good citizen and show that you do, Care For Bharat.

6. American Welcome Association (AWA)

Goods accepted are clothes, toys, DVD’s, books and so on. These are either sold at a Thrift shop where the proceeds go to the underprivileged or donated directly to an NGO. It’s a win win situation, either ways, so don’t give this a skip.

7. Dream Girl Foundation

All you have to do is fill in a form and within the next 48 hours and you could just make a young girl’s life a little better. From providing education, shelter and clothing, Dream Girl Foundation covers it all. Any clothes or toys that you find fitting for girls aged between 1 and 14 are accepted.

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon, and for a lot of people barely surviving and making it through the day is a gargantuan task. If you, can in any way ease their pain, then you should pick up that phone right now and do your bit in contributing to a better world.

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