September 8, 2016

A wall is prettier when it has a story to present with artwork hanging on it. A painting is not just an artist’s take on the world but a deep meaningful connection he/she draws with the audience. Here’s a look at artists whose affordable art will spruce up your space without burning a hole in your pocket.

Nalini Malani – Reflective Of The World Outside

Nalini Malani is an established artist who lets her brush strokes do all the talking. Social and political issues what her paintings speak of in her own trademark manner. Scarred by the partition of India, as a refugee herself, Malani uses her experiences in her art. Her work isn’t confined to paper or canvas but goes into the realm of multimedia too.

affordable art

 Picture credits – Saffronart

Shweta Bhattad – Artivism

An activist to begin with, the paintings of Bhattad have now become her mode of expression. Her works draw from neglected and forgotten communities. Social systems, marginalised communities are some of the issues her art addresses.

affordable art

Sachin George Sebastian – Paper Planes

From god’s own country, Sachin George Sebastian’s  work deals in paper. Nobody can dominate paper the way Sachin does. Representing the contemporary life of the urbanised, his paper works have left his audience gobsmacked. You sure want to show off such beautiful and delicate artworks in one of the blank spaces at your home or even workplace.

affordable art

Picture credits – India Today 

Anjolie Ela Menon – Classic 

A leading artist in the country with her collection of paintings spread all over the world, Anjali Ela Menon needs no introduction. Known as a muralist and a sculptor, she has several works adoring walls the world over in each medium. The Padma Shri awardee’s works ‘Kalpana’, ‘Devyani’ and ‘mutations’ are among her best known.

affordable art

Picture credits – DNA India

Prem Sahib – Geometry in Art

Geometric yet deep with the many implications of intimacy and the odd face of sexuality in the society that one resides in, the young yet well-established Prem Sahib succeeds to present stories in his sculptures. All the complex intricacies of life, he manages to portray through works that use geometric figures and compositions.

affordable art

Picture credits – Independent