September 14, 2016

Of 24 hours in a day, we spend most of the time at our workstation. Here’s how you can make your workspace more comfortable and also minimize the effect of these long hours on your health.

Comfortable Workspace

1. Avoid Hunching

Hunching all day puts excessive pressure on your spine and may cause strain on the neck. People who do this for long are prone to Spondylitis. This happens mostly when employees tend to focus on typing a lot and after sometime, slouch on the computer screen.

Comfortable Workspace

2. Get a Cushion

Be soft and gentle to your neck as well as spine. A soft cushion on the chair will reduce the harm to your health and comfortable sitting will improve the productivity of your workspace. Sitting for many hours at a workdesk may subsequently result in physical stress. Your body could do with the extra comfort at times like these.

Comfortable Workspace3.Label Your Files

Lack of productivity happens when you end up looking for files and folders that you could have found easily with the help of labeling. Announce a naming ceremony of your folders and let everyone know where you have kept the important office files for reference purposes. A well-organized computer and desk is easy to perform and quick to manage, resulting in more productive time.

Comfortable Workspace

4. Create Floor Maps

Creating floor maps may help the employees to find places/ files easily. They can travel to various departments and save much productive time. It makes sense as no one likes the idea of playing hide and seek during busy hours.

Comfortable Workspace5. Keyboard and Mouse Placement

Typing and moving the mouse doesn’t make you complete your work productively; the wrong placement of the keyboard may slow down your typing speed down and make you less productive. If you find alternatives like a sliding keyboard tray and a chair at the right distance from the keyboard as well as the perfect placing of the mouse, things will settle down all on their own. Ultimately, your comfort is of prime concern.

Comfortable Workspace

6.Avoid Eye Strain

Taking frequent breaks and stretching can be a life-saver. Staring at your computer for a long time can be strenuous for the eyes. Try to wash your eyes as strained eyes can decrease productivity and effect your eyesight. On the other end, a fresh mind and active eyes can do wonders in your workspace.

Comfortable Workspace

These changes can make your workspace more comfortable, relaxed, healthy and far more productive. Hope you are looking for that cushion already.