August 16, 2016

Interviews tend to make you anxious. This leads to a lot of mistakes that you commit or the nervous that you exhibit at the crucial time before the panel. However, all this can be averted if you take into account a few things. Here are the six things you need to know before going for an interview:

1. Do not repeat what’s on your CV

Think about the generic questions that are bound to be asked: There are a few questions that would be asked, no matter what. These would include asking about you, your aims, reasons for applying to the firm and the likes. On the surface, these are easy questions but most candidates repeat what is written on their CV. Do not make this mistake. The panel has already seen your CV and this is the time to tell them more about you. Talk about your strengths and anything that is relevant to the role you are applying for. Make it as interesting and relevant as possible.

2. Experience

It is a bitter truth but experienced people are considered more valuable assets. If you have experience, good for you but if you are starting out, make it a point to make them see your value and potential. This could be your single chance to speak with them. Make it count.

3. References

It is important to have contacts and if you have references that might make a difference to the position you are applying for, do not shy away from mentioning that. A good word of mouth can give you that extra edge.

4. Flexibility

Questions about working in shifts or sometimes even at odd hours might be asked. The interviewer simply wants to check your flexibility and openness. This is all the more important when you are a fresher. Don’t be too choosy and picky. This is not expected when you are starting your career. At the same time, if you have a genuine constraint, tell them in a polite manner.

5. Confidence

It is a trait that makes a great difference. If you seem confident of what you are speaking about and more so of yourself, the interviewer will consider your case more seriously. An under confident person is not an asset anywhere. So, trust in yourself, take a leap of faith and put your best foot forward.

6. Research

The most common yet most overlooked aspect of interviews. Please research about the organization, your role and if possible the senior employees. It shows that you are interested and that imparts you a lot of credibility. Asking about the role and being absolutely clueless would leave a very bad impression. Trust us, you don’t want that to happen.

These tips come right from the horse’s mouth i.e. via Bia Sandhu, who is one of the most prominent image consultants around.


Always remember to be honest about everything. It still is a virtue valued above everything else.