February 19, 2017

Pisceans are gentle souls. This last sign of the zodiac is all about the feels. They are dreamers, sensitive and generally very happy people who you would love to have around you. Check out these famous celebs living true to their sun sign. Do you have any similar Pisces traits? Read on to know more.

1. Their Life Goal is to Find Happiness

Remember the time Alia became a butt of jokes for her poor general knowledge? Instead of sulking, she joined in the fun and made an entire video spoofing herself. Now that’s a sign of a truly happy person.

Pisces traits

2. They are Creative AF

Pisceans easily get bored and uninterested. So they’d rather create their own world with their excellent imagination and creativity. We had a genius Piscean like Steve Job who challenged traditional thinking. His modern designs and innovations still set the benchmark in technology design.

Pisces traits

3. They will Take Their Own Sweet Time to do Things

Never ask a Pisces to hurry up. They take their own sweet time to come around doing a task. No wonder, Aamir gives only one movie every year!

Pisces traits

4. Their Sensitivity Meter is Super High

Did you hear Justin Beiber cancelled his meet and greet with fans, because he felt depressed when interacting with them? Super sensitive Pisceans are like a sponge, they will take everyone’s problems and feel them as their own. They just can’t be detached.

Pisces traits

5. You Can Have Deep Conversations With Them

If ever you want to know how the universe came into existence or your purpose in life, then call up a Piscean. They love to have deep, meaningful conversations. Ever seen Aaron Eckhart in ‘Thank You for Smoking’? The way his character holds a conversation, you would be convinced cigarettes are good for your health!

Pisces traits

6. They Will Always be There For You

Pisceans are faithful partners. They are devoted, loyal and if you win their heart, they will stay by your side. ‘ALWAYS’ like Severus Snape.

Pisces traits