September 17, 2016

Microfashion has come a long way from the simple t-shirts, shorts and frilly frocks. Suspenders for boys and quirky skirts and hats for girls, parents are having fun dressing their kids as future fashionistas. Take a look at some of the most talked about appearances in Miniature Fashion.

1. Ballet Princess – North West

Kim Kardashian’s two-year old graciously carries off her pink fur ballet dress matched perfectly with a diamond Fallon jewellery choker. Her fashion style proves that she is not your ordinary ballerina kid on the block.


2. Royal Fashion – Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte shows us what royal blood means. Dressed in her simple pink dress with hair tied with a bow pin, she knows how to be royally fashionable.


3. Extravagant Fashionista: Emma Lopez

If you want to learn how to dress extravagantly, watch Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emme. The four-year old sure knows what brands to wear with her $2410 worth Chanel accessories perfectly blending with her pink dress and shoes at the Paris Fashion Week. Girly yet trendy, Emme Lopez is the new rival to tot trendsetters Harper Beckham and Suri Cruise.

microfashionSource: Getty Images

4. Disney Princess: Aaradhya Bachchan

The Bachchans can’t be far behind when you’re talking about fashion. The daughter of former Miss World was dressed like a princess on her fourth birthday complete with a pink lace dress and a tiara.


5. Manhattan Twins: Marion and Tabitha Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker’s twin daughters Tabitha and Marion Broderick have their fashion game on point. The five-year olds have inherited a profound sense of style and fashion from their diva mom. And the best thing is they always match and coordinate their outfits.


6. Flaunt it like Beckham: Harper Beckham

Last but definitely not the least, Harper Beckham is a full-fledged style diva. We know she inherited her fashion sense from her very fashionable parents Victoria and David Beckham but she would nail it at the age of five is something we didn’t expect. The list of her microfashion labels includes mini Burberry capes, Stella McCartney separates, Hermes accessories and adorable Chloe sundresses. Now aren’t you feeling a bit jealous of her lavish fashion taste? Be it a casual day out with daddy or ballet classes, Harper Beckham sure knows how to stay in style always.