August 23, 2016

Too lazy to wash your hair? Thought you could pull it off for one more day, only to be met by the ugly? Yeah, we’ve all been there, done that. What we’ve got are a few tricks up our sleeves to help  you look like you have fresh hair, without having to wash it.

1. Powder Me Up

Baby powder isn’t just for scenting diapers you know. It’s the best trick in the book we reckon. Sprinkle some baby powder onto your hands and run it right through your hair. Pay close attention to the hair roots. Within an instant your hair is transformed from an oily ugly mess to fresher grease free fresh hair. Thank heavens for baby powder!

fresh hair

Picture courtesy: Enable Kids

2. Fully Frontal

We’re teaching you how to beat the system with our nifty little cheats. So if time just isn’t on your side, opt for this quick fix. All you have to do is partition your hair such that only the front bits are left loose and the others tied up. Bend over the sink and quickly wash the front partitioned portions, condition if need be and then blow dry it. To a passerby it looks like you have squeaky clean fresh hair, but to us, yeah that’s a different story.

fresh hair

Picture courtesy: Cosmetology Times

3. Dry Shampoo

The best friend you could possibly make on bad hair days is dry shampoo. Spritz it all over your hair paying close attention to the roots on your scalp. Blow dry it and just see how it looks like fresh hair. Dry shampoo is available in aplenty at any department store, so grab one so you have a weapon to combat unwashed hair days. Order online here.

fresh hair

Picture courtesy: Wikimedia

4. Pardon My French (Braid)

The best part of a braid is that it keeps all that hair off your face. It’s definitely elegant and sets a style statement like no other. A quick way to hide the oily scalp is to french braid your hair. The braid covers the oily scalp and it’s a great camouflage for dirty hair. Watch a tutorial here.

fresh hair

Picture courtesy: Youtube

5. Head (band) Case

A style that doesn’t require a particular face shape or skin tone is the humble headband. It suits literally every woman out there. Sparkly, beaded or plain headbands, it doesn’t matter. Just throw your hair back in one of these babies and brace the world as you would without having to worry about sticky hair. Buy some cute ones here.

fresh hair