December 31, 2016

Feel like whipping up an Italian meal this weekend? Before you grab that jar of sauce from the fridge, try something creative. Read on to learn how to make these quick and easy pasta sauces that will have your guests go wow!

1. Tomato Pasta Sauce

If you don’t already know how to whip up this sauce, we have just the thing for you. It’s a tried and tested recipes that has been handed down for generations. By the looks of it, or should we say tastes of it, we don’t think this sauce will go out of fashion any time soon. Find the recipe here.

pasta sauces

2. Spaghetti a la Carbonara

Definitely one of the favourites, riding in the celebrity limos for pasta sauces would have to be Carbonara. Why you wonder? For the simple reason that anything with this much cheesy goodness can never go wrong. When all the flavours in this sauce combine together, a little dollop of explosion takes place right in your mouth. Enough talk, time to try this delectable recipe here.

pasta sauces

Courtesy: Recipeshubs

3. Pesto Sauce

Pesto is packed with ingredients that are great for you. It’s healthy and delicious, so don’t miss out this recipe. The next time you’re looking to whip up some spaghetti or pasta, try it with this delicious pesto sauce recipe here.

pasta sauces

Courtesy: Ohsheglows

4. Classic Bolognese Sauce

This one is a feel good and hearty sauce that is good to have especially in the winters. The rich and creamy texture will definitely tingle your taste buds. Find the recipe here.

pasta sauces

Courtesy: sugarfreemom

5. Marinara Sauce

Once you’re done with our amateur pasta sauce recipes, it’s time for the big guns. We’ve saved the best recipe for the last. Couple this earthy marinara sauce with some juicy meatballs and turn a simple meal into a feast. Find the recipe here.

pasta sauces

Courtesy: NYT

Whip up these delicious sauces and let us know the compliments you received.