August 8, 2016

Every living thing on this plant has an aura. It is the radiance or energy field that surrounds all living creatures. Aura is composed of subtle colours enveloping the human body. Each colour has a different meaning and reflects your state of consciousness.

Considering that your aura is an extension of you, it also forces a protective force field around you. When you aura is damaged or weak, it can leave you feeling disconnected with yourself, emotionally and physically drained and unwell. That is why it is important to cleanse your aura and restore the auric field to its optimal potential. The good folks at Journey to Miracles shared the five natural ingredients that you can use to cleanse your aura.

1. Cleansing Bath with Sea Salt and Baking Soda

This bath will remove negativity from your aura and also eliminate toxins that have accumulated inside your body. You need to soak in this aura-cleansing bath for seven consecutive days for about 20 minutes to cleanse and energise your aura and body.

You will need one pound of baking soda and a cup of sea salt for each bath. After the bath, you may feel slightly dizzy and strange. Don’t worry. It is nothing but the negativity and toxins leaving your body.


Courtesy: Remedies Forme

2. Sea Salt Bath

If you live near the ocean, you have a natural salt water bath to extract the stress and cleanse your aura. Bathing in water under the sun will remove the negativity from your aura. In case you don’t live near the sea, just draw up a sea salt water bath and soak in it for 20 minutes.

When sea and a bathtub are missing, use sea salt to scrub your body before you take a shower. The salt will act as an exfoliant and also refresh your auric field.


Courtesy: Allergic Living

3. Sage Smudge Sticks

Native Americans used the smoke from white sage to cleanse their aura and get rid of negative vibes. When burned, sage gives our negative ions, the same kind that is present in the atmosphere after a storm, which is great for you and your aura. So just light a sage smudge stick to benefit. Use your hands to get the smoke all over your body, including your back.


Courtesy: Love Adorned

4. Sunshine

There is a reason people living in warm and sunny locales are often happy and jovial. The sun is food and fodder for your auric field. So rather than staying indoors and letting negativity get to you, make time to stay outdoors in the sunshine. It will improve your aura and also elevate your mood. You’ll feel energised and optimistic after getting your dose of Vitamin D.


5. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a crystal that you can carry in your handbag to make sure your aura is always strong and potent. It radiates an energy field that negates the negative energy of your aura, and it also protects you when your mind is filled with negative thoughts. This is just the crystal you need to strengthen and cleanse your aura while protecting yourself from unpleasant thoughts plaguing you.


Courtesy: Wikimedia

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