December 10, 2016

Ever had the gym instructor yell instructions at you and not understood what he said? With new fitness regimes coming out frequently, it’s hard to keep up with the gym lingo and know whether you are doing it right or not. Worry not. We have a list of lesser known exercises for you – so you can know your ‘tuck’ from your ‘drag’ and ‘cross’. We promise these exercises for women are super fun and easy to do. So let’s get started, ladies.

1. Barre Tuck

You hold a barre (metal beam) for support as you balance your body like a Ballerina. This exercises focuses on isometric strength training – where you contract a specific set of muscles (called a ‘tuck’) while standing still. We found a great read on Fitness Magazine that explains it in detail.

Benefits: This strengthens your core muscles and improves your posture. It also makes you more flexible.

exercises for women

Courtesy: Fitness Magazine

2. Mountain Climber

This involves mixing up a push up position on a Swiss ball instead of the floor. Put your body in a 45 degree position resting hands on the ball and slowly lift one leg up till the chest. Repeat sets for 30 seconds.

Benefits: This is the best exercise for toning your tummy without much effort.

exercises for women

Courtesy: Women’s Health

3. Bridge Drag

Lie on your back and with your legs raised on a stability ball. Lift your body and knees and drag your heels close to your hips. Keep your body raised as you move legs back to original position. Repeat 15 sets.

Benefits: Dragging is better than squatting for strengthening core muscles as it does not impact knees.
exercises for women

Courtesy: Health

4. Knee Cross Curtsy

Stand on all fours and lift right leg up at 45 degrees. Bend your waist and left knee and bring the right leg down placing one knee behind the other as if you are bowing in courtesy. Repeat with the other leg.

Benefits: You can learn better balance with this and also strengthen your core muscles.

exercises for women

Courtesy: Health

5. Ball Fly

Use a ball to rest your head and shoulders as you balance the rest of the body on your legs. Raise right arm and left foot and hold the pose for 3 seconds. Repeat with other side. Lift small weights as you go to tone the arms as well.

Benefits: This is a better exercise than push ups and puts more effort on the hip muscles.

exercises for womenCourtesy: Health