November 9, 2017

Ever came home one evening and felt you don’t recognise your room anymore? The bed is dishevelled, clothes are strewn all over the floor and you never seem to find anything. All the pretty cushions and perfectly matched carpets that were so hard to find are completely useless now as they are hidden under piles of junk. Don’t let clutter ruin your stylish home. Just follow these tips to have a beautiful clutter-free home at all times. Get your brooms and dusters out, roll up your sleeves and let’s start cleaning!

1. Junk attracts Junk

Letting go is the hardest thing to do in life. But the first mantra to a clutter-free home is to downsize. The more possessions you have, the lesser is the space to keep them. So take a deep breath and ask yourself if you still want to keep that never used treadmill, which has now turned into a clothes hanger; or that teapot set in your kitchen that is yet to be unboxed. Give away the items, which you have never used in the last 2-3 years to free up space.

Pro Tip: Sell your junk online. A little cash can ease the pain of letting things go.

clutter free home

2. It All Starts with the Bed

Bed is the at the centre of your room and is the first place where the clutter begins to accumulate. Make your bed every morning – it will not take more than 2 minutes. When your bed is clean, you will not want to throw your towel on it; you will put it in the washing machine and might also throw in your dirty clothes too while you are at it – see how the cleanliness cycle is moving now?

Pro Tip: Buy fitted bed sheets that have elastic around their edges. They fit snugly on the mattress and don’t move much – so half your cleaning is already done. Avoid throw pillows on the bed if you don’t have time to rearrange them every morning.

clutter free home

3. Give a Home to All your Things

Tiny little things are always scattered right before your eyes till the time you don’t need them and then magically disappear when you do. Tackle this problem by giving them a home – a keychain holder for keys, a small bowl for loose change, a box for pens and pencils and a rack for magazines and newspapers.

Pro Tip: Pick quirky colours and designs for the storage spaces, which will not only look good but will also prompt you to use them frequently. Visit Elvy to take your pick.

clutter free home

Courtesy: Elvy

4. Purge your Closet

This one is easier said than done. All of us have that 1 dress at least, in which we have been unsuccessfully trying to fit since the last year.  Admit it – your body has changed, the season has changed, the fashion scene has changed. It’s time to move on. Do a monthly check of your closet and throw out things that have never been worn.

Pro Tip: Don’t fold your clothes into piles. Instead put them on individual hangers as much as possible. This way you will be able to see all your clothes every day and will be more likely to wear them. You will also get a picture of how many you have and can avoid frequent shopping trips.

clutter free home

5. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Even Mary Poppins needed the help of magic to have an impeccable home. So don’t stress over clutter all the time. Scoop up the things that always seem to be lying around everywhere and stuff them in an extra storage space from SPV. Deal with that on an extended weekend. Meanwhile, pour yourself some wine and relax.

Pro Tip: Check out this list of best wine recommendations.

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