October 27, 2016

As we ring in the festive season, we wake up to house porches and steps adorned in beautiful colours and intricate patterns. Typically, some Indian household have a long standing tradition of drawing rangolis or kollam outside their homes every morning right before sunrise. Some prefer to decorate their house with rangoli on festivals, or auspicious occasions.

Rangoli is basically a celebration of colour and positivity. There isn’t any religious significance of drawing a rangoli but a purely artistic form or welcoming people into one’s home. So let’s kickstart the holiday spirit with some mind blowing Rangoli hacks.

1. Dry rangoli powder or rice powder

Rangolis can be drawn with dry powder or wet powder. The latter being simpler for first timers. The dry Rangoli can be drawn with powdered rice or with coloured powders easily available across store counters or outside temples. The rice powder will also serve the purpose of feeding birds and insects. And when washed off, it will mix easily in the soil. You can place a lamp or a ‘kalash’ in the centre and draw free and around it. Simple patters like foot prints or flowers will look pretty. You can also use recyclable materials like sequins or buttons to make a rangoli.


2. Geometric Patterns

This one’s a good style for those who believe they have little or no artistic caliber. Select a design that can be drawn by joining the dots. On a damp floor draw the required number of dots for your design using the rangoli powder. The damp floor will ensure that the design doesn’t budge or the breeze doesn’t blow it away. Now join these points with the appropriate lines and curves, etc. and voila you’ve found the artist in you.


3. Flower Rangoli

An Onam tradition and a super easy design is a rangoli pattern made with flowers. Buy some flowers in multiple colours. You can used whole flowers are just the petals. Draw a simple design on the floor using a pencil or chalk piece. Fill in the design with bright and colourful flowers or petals. You can jazz up that pattern with some lamps as well.


4. Stencil Rangoli

Save time and yet make a statement with a stencil Rangoli. Anyone can pull this one off with ease, and you sure won’t mind the compliments that follow. The stencil can be bought at any store selling ‘pooja’ items or outside temples. The stencil is like a sieve and will help draw the borders for your chosen design. You can then fill it up the colours.


5. Sticker Rangoli

For people with kids in the house, specially toddlers with a tendency to put the first thing in sight in their mouth, this rangoli hack is brilliant. It is readily available in the market and just needs to be pasted on the floor. You can walk over it or sweep over it, that design isn’t going to budge.


So don’t spend hours trying to perfect that Rangoli. Just pick your style and enjoy the celebration.