December 23, 2016

Missed your fitness goal again this year? You are not alone. Many of us are guilty of setting high expectations from our bodies every year. We keep dreaming of having a flat tummy and no fat jiggling around the arms and waist – but make no real efforts towards it. Don’t feel bad about it – because you are actually approaching it wrong. A big change is only made with small steps. So rather than setting the bar too high again for 2017, start with these easy to follow fitness resolutions for the new year. We are sure, by this time next year you will be thanking us for your new body.

1. Get Moving

Old Goal: Take 10,000 Steps a Day to Stay Lean

This one is a no-brainer. Every one tells you to move to burn fat. But there just isn’t time! So what to do? First of all, don’t count your steps as it will only add pressure and demotivate you. Next, add some creativity to sneak in walking.

New Goal: Stand Up

You pile up the kilos when you stay sedentary. Taking long walks is impractical for office goers. If you have a desk job with long working hours, chances are you gaining weight just by sitting. So, stand up. Convince your boss to buy a podium so you can work some hours standing up. Believe us, you will get so addicted that you will never want to sit down again. Also, take the flight of stairs instead of the lift at least once every day in the office.

fitness resolutions

2.  Eat Right

Old Goal: Eat no more than 2000 Calories a Day

Keeping a count of calories is very stressful. You will turn into a social pariah in no time if you keep avoiding gatherings, parties, lunch hours with colleagues or insist on munching only carrots on picnics.

New Goal: Love your Gut

Be kind to your tummy. Whatever you put in it, it will pay you back in equal measure. Show it some love by eating more probiotics, fresh fruits and steamed veggies. Once a week, give it a rest and detox with juices and fasting. In no time, you will start to notice a difference in your skin, energy levels and overall mood. And believe us when we say, this will make you feel so good about yourself that you will never want to abuse your stomach with a spicy bag of chips again. Your calorie intake will automatically come down.

fitness resolutions

3. Make Exercise Fun

Old Goal: Hit the Gym 5 Days a Week

We are shaking our head even at the thought of this impossible goal. Why would anyone make this resolution?

New Goal: Breathe Deeply

Easy-peesee thing to do. We are all burning ourselves out with stress, worries and trying to do a lot of things. Tune out for 10 minutes every day to inhale deeply. This has a lot of positive effects on you. It releases toxins, relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation, improves your mood, helps in digestion and also calms you down. Yes, it also burns calories.

fitness resolutions

4. Be More Flexible

Old Goal: Learn Zumba/Salsa/Bokwa

It’s good that you thought of joining a fun fitness group. But you took the first class and never returned? Been there, done that.

New Goal: Stretch

Start with these morning Yoga stretching exercises. You jump straight out of the bed, into the car and then onto the office chair. Your body has not even got time to overcome morning stiffness. Stay 2 minutes extra on your bed and do some stretching. This will keep your muscles supple and more ready to burn fat.

fitness resolutions

5. Stay off the Poison

Old Goal : Give up Smoking

Well, there is no substitute for this one.

New Goal: Seek Help

First step towards overcoming an addiction, is to acknowledge that you need help. Even if after years of trying, you are not able to rid this bad habit, then seek a professional help.

fitness resolutions

Make these your new resolutions for 2017 and let us know how your body responds. To your good health!