March 30, 2017

Life is a game that we are all playing. But does it seem to you that someone is playing it better than you? There’s always someone who gets better marks, has a better job, bigger car and a nicer house. But that doesn’t guarantee they are happy. On the contrary, many successful people are unhappier today than ever before. Too much comparison, competition, expectations have created a generation of unhappy youngsters. Despite so many technical and scientific advances, unfortunately we still don’t know how to always be happy and positive. It’s really not that difficult. Learn these simple things to have a happier, fulfilling life.

1. Everything That Shines is not Gold

Did you hear about a man who paid $2 million dollars for a dog? Yup, that really happened. Going after the big things – fancy car, well-paying job and even an expensive dog – will not guarantee you a happy life. Instead, they will surely add to your anxiety. The problem is that you are linking emotional rewards to material things. Piling fancy things around you will get you a lot of attention and respect. But it is only going to make you more worried about maintaining them and keeping up your status.

Bottom Line: Your life is not a race. Remember, a $2 million dollar dog cannot bring any more happiness than a street puppy.

how to always be happy and positive

2. Thinking ‘Chaar Log Kya Kahenge’

This one is a real bummer. This Quora thread reveals how ‘chaar log kya kahenge’ syndrome has destroyed many career dreams. Not only career, there are always people who will judge you for everything – your choice of clothes, your choice of friends, even your choice of phone. Basing your entire life’s decisions upon what society approves will only lead to stress. It’s your life, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for living it your way. Who are these people anyway?

Bottom Line: You will never be able to please everyone all the time no matter what you do. Don’t live your life for others.

how to always be happy and positive

Sound advice from Aunty Acid

3. Success is not Equal to Satisfaction

You bought that house, paid off the car loan and have got that coveted job title. But has it made you happy? Your success can be measured by others, but your satisfaction can only be measured by you. Ask yourself the things that are most important to you. It will always give you a bigger picture and will help you set realistic and achievable goals in your life.

Bottom Line: Think of a large corporation that has a huge customer base. They are successful but if they are not able to provide satisfaction to their customers, then they will go out of business in no time. The same is true for your life. Satisfaction is built on emotional happiness not material things. Think of small things that make you happy whenever you are feeling down. Don’t forget to be grateful for small things in life.

how to always be happy and positive

4. The Power of Now

Whatever happened to the good old living in the moment thing? Our thoughts are so absorbed in the things that happened in the past or could happen in the future that we forget to literally stop and smell the roses. Remember, both the past and the future can neither be seen nor touched nor sensed. ‘Now’ is the only time you have to live.

Watch this video by motivational speaker and best-selling author of ‘The Motivation Manifesto’ Brendon Burchard on how to cultivate the power of now.

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