November 21, 2016

Have you noticed that your system is not working the way it used to before? Your periods are erratic, your skin is breaking out and the hairfall is getting worse. Before you panic and seek a doctor’s help, relax. Your body is sending you signals that it is being neglected. You are not fuelling it with enough and the right nutrition. You’ll be amazed at the wonderful changes good nutrition can bring for women’s health. Among other things, you’ll be able to grow your breasts naturally. Yes, you read that right. So here’s a compilation of things you can find right your kitchen to give your body and health a makeover.

1. How Can I Grow My Breasts Naturally?

Including estrogen rich food in your diet is the mantra for increasing the size of your bust. Estrogen or the female sex hormone is responsible for the development and sexual growth of women, hence extremely important if you are looking to give your breasts a naturally enhanced look. Soy has been regarded as a super food when it comes to breast enhancement. It is rich in phytoestrogens, a hormone responsible for breast growth. Since it does not have a strong flavor, it can be easily incorporated in any dish, making the meal wholesome and sumptuous. Vegetables like pumpkin, garlic and eggplant are rich in estrogen too. Add these in your diet to achieve that perfect breast size.

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2. How Do I Ensure That I Have a Pain-free Period?

Is your time of the month drawing near? Instead of being swept away in the strong hormonal current every month, try to keep up your spirits by fulfilling your body’s nutritional needs. To steady your nerves eat magnesium rich spinach and whole grains, and walnuts, which are a source of Omega-3 fatty acids, to keep you calm. High fiber dishes like brown rice, barley, and vegetables combat constipation and keep your energy up.

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3. What’s the Secret to Having Great Skin?

Stimulate your body to keep producing collagen and slow its breakdown to maintain your youthful looks. Including certain Omega-3 fatty acid rich foods in the daily diet like chia and flax seeds not only prevents wrinkles, acne and promotes smooth skin but also keeps your nails, hair and metabolism top notch. Do you know that chia seeds contain more Omega-3 fats than salmon fish? To keep stubborn acne at bay have a daily fix of antioxidant laden strawberries, blueberries, cherries and blackberries.

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4. How to Keep My Hair Healthy and Well Nourished?

A powerhouse of nutrients, carrots  and prunes are effective in promoting hair growth and combating hair loss. They offer vitamin A to your hair, making it thicker, shinier, longer and stronger. Prunes are basically plums that have been dried naturally in the sun without undergoing any fermentation process. Apart from relieving constipation and keeping bones healthy, prunes are also a great source of iron that is essential for fighting hairfall.

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