April 12, 2018

Kids can be amazing. But as these funny kids tweets prove, they can also be pretty savage and show you who’s the boss. One minute they are giving you life advice and the next they are trying to replace you with a dog — you definitely don’t want to mess with these smart kids.

1. Are you listening, Dad?

2. But the dog wears a fur coat

3. Future leader

4. Whose fault is it, really?

5. Fight to the finish

6. Smart girl

7. She’ll make a good lawyer

8. Future branding manager

9. We’ll legit take his advice

10. When a kid has better fashion sense than you

11. Sound logic

12. The sass is real

13. He’s not completely wrong

14. Genius

15. That’s deep

16. Businessman in the making

17. Always know what’s important

18. That didn’t go well

19. What IS the purpose of life?

20. Breaking the shackles