April 2, 2018

The ‘getting to know you’ process on a first date can quickly turn from awkward to downright creepy. Learn from these worst first date tweets on how ‘not’ to impress your date.

1. Yes, we’ll pay!

2. Hope at least the match was good?

3. When plants are bae

4. That awkward silence

5. Mark should have said something before

6. Making new friends

7. Too soon

8. You don’t mess with the hair!

9. What are the odds

10. Liquid courage

11. That’s as bad as it gets

12. Too perfect

13. “Accidentally”

14. Whispering sweet nothings

15. Mother knows best

16. How thoughtful

17. When the dog comes first

18. At least he washed his hands

19. Anything for free popcorns

20. Serial dater