June 21, 2016

All ready to travel? We would love to be a part of your joyful trip, and have drawn out 15 travel essentials that you can’t do without. So while you go ahead and travel, we help you make your journey healthy, safe, beautiful and enjoyable!

Health Check

  1. Get sick on a flight or on sea? It’s a good idea to get a multivitamin or a nutrient rich green juice before you board the flight/ship vessel. Green juice made of spinach, lemon and apple will serve your purpose
  2. Feel a tickle in your throat or sickness coming? Carry ginger drops to help you with those. They help with indigestion too
  3. Avoid caffeine and hence don’t reach out for coffee or tea just yet. Have fresh juices or water
  4. For those of you who get stressed out when flying, bringing an aromatherapy fragrance (like lavender) along might help you relax

Health check

Personal Care Check

  1. Slide these easily in your bag – mini bottles of all purpose liquid soap and nice smelling shampoo for that fresh feel
  2. Take care of your oral hygiene needs by carrying easy to fold toothbrushes in your favorite colors, baby-size toothpaste in yummy flavors and dental floss. Saves space and feels good
  3. While moisturizers and face mists are great for your skin while travelling, lip balm and eye drops will aid in keeping your lips and eyes refreshed
  4. Carry your makeup and mini perfume tubes in a grid styled pouch for convenience. A grid style beauty pouch with a built in mirror is even more convenient and useful
  5. Add tweezers, nail clippers, razor, sanitary napkins , intimate wash and a deodorant to complete your personal care kit

Personal care

First Aid Check

  1. Different size bandages, antiseptics and hand sanitizers are very useful and are a must have
  2. Although medicines are usually available everywhere it is a good idea to carry headache/pain medication, anti-diarrheal medication and medicines specific to your needs
  3. Insect repellants are not first aid inclusions usually, but are very useful to prevent those pesky insect bites. Convenient carry tubes or sprays are easily available

First aid

These help too

  1. For fixes – earplugs, sewing kits, LED flashlight, tissues, zip lock bags and clothesline
  2. For comfort – Travel blanket and a neck pillow
  3. For entertainment – books & magazines, tablet, e-book reader, mp3 player / IPod, phone & charger