August 7, 2016

Primates we are and for most of the traits passed down to us by our ancestors, we’re grateful with one small exception. We could do without the excess body hair right? Sure, back in the day it kept people warm and what not, but at times like these, do we really need it? We think not. So here’s what you could do to deal with the nasty.

1. Waxing

You don’t want the hair there, so if you’re up for a little pain then waxing is for you. Time to show those uglies who’s boss! You could either opt for homemade wax or buy strips from the store. Smear some wax on and let it rip.

body hair

Picture courtesy: Face First

2. Laser

Exposing hair follicles to the pulses of laser light render them useless, thereby inhibiting hair growth as such. Though it’s a little pricey, it’s a one-time affair and once you’re through with all the sittings, it’s as good as kissing all that unwanted hair goodbye.

body hair

Picture courtesy: Beyond Talk

3. Electrolysis

Another form of permanent hair removal, Electrolysis  is a means of individual hair removal from the face or the body by destroying the centre where the hair grows from. Perfect for ladies who want to do away with their hair forever, it uses chemical or heat energy to rid you of the pesky stubs.

hair removal

Courtesy: Arviva Aesthetics

4. Shaving

You know the drill, slap some shaving cream on, lather it up and let your razor do the rest! Pain free, easy and essentially the least time consuming.


Picture courtesy: Chicabella

5. Epilate

Removing hair from the roots means that your skin stays stub free for at least two weeks. So if that’s what you want, without the sticky-icky inconvenience of waxing, invest in a good epilator.


Picture courtesy: Chic Parlour

6. Hair Removal Cream

No pain, no gain? Who says? As long as you’ve got hair creams, you’ve got hair free skin for roughly about 2 to 10 days. It dissolves the hair at the surface of the skin, making it equivalent to the effects of shaving, without the chance of cutting yourself.


7. Plucking

Essentially employed for dealing with facial hair, tweezers are used to pluck out unwanted hair. It’s quite painstaking and entails a great deal of patience as each individual strand is yanked out. For sheer lack of time, this is used mainly for facial hair, but if you’ve got spare time, prove us wrong!


Picture courtesy: Beauty Health Tips

8. Pumice Stone

Pumice stones when rubbed in circular motions across hair removes it in no time. Sensitive skin bearers, beware, you could end up bruising yourself if you apply too much force.


Picture courtesy: Pixabay

9. Rose Alum Water

Alum powder when mixed with rose water and olive oil works wonders in getting rid of unwanted hair. Once the mixture is applied it is allowed to dry. Wash away and say hello to your bright, radiant skin.


Picture courtesy: Pixabay

10. Sandpaper

Sandpaper isn’t all that effective in ridding you of that body hair, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin. They work fine as Exfoliators by simply stroking them on parts where unwanted hair is present.


Picture coutesy: Pixabay

11. Turmeric

When raw turmeric mixed with gram flour is applied to the said area, it prevents further hair growth. It would require a considerable amount of patience on your part as this process has to be continually undertaken. You may not get rid of the hair at once, but this treatment has been very effective in inhibiting hair growth all together. Follow it up regularly and you won’t be seeing those stubs anymore.


Picture courtesy: Wikimedia

That feel when all your hair is gone;