November 23, 2016

Have you felt a nip in the air yet? Yes, winters are finally settling in and it’s time to pull out those sweaters and overcoats. As the temperature drops, don’t forget to heat up your body from the inside too. This is the best time to indulge in some warm, comfort food without feeling guilty. We give you a list of must have winter foods and drinks that will make you welcome the cold season happily:

1. Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate on a cold, wintry night? Whip it up quickly in your kitchen, jump right back into your bed, put on a romantic movie – and you are all set for the night.

2. Chilli

Yes, chilli – and we don’t have a doubt about that. A hot spicy curry or snack on a gloomy cold day is all we need to cheer us up and get us going.

winter foods

3. Honey

Honey is a very good anti-depressant. Not only that, it keeps you warm and prevents colds and cough too. Have a spoon full of honey every morning with warm water. You can also add it to a glass of warm milk or your tea for best results.

4. Jaggery

Jaggery is synonymous with the cold months of winter in our country. A dollop of jaggery with roti or paratha does the job. It keeps you warm, especially if you have it with ginger.

winter foods

5. Ginger

Ginger is a super-food when it comes to fighting winter ailments. Chew raw pieces of ginger and you will be able to feel the insides of your throat turn warm. That’s why it is known as a natural remedy for coughs and cold. You can also add ginger to your tea especially after coming home on a cold night.

6. Ghee

Ghee is another power packed food which we tend to overlook often. It is rich in anti-oxidants and keeps your hair and skin healthy too. Remember though, excessive ghee can damage your health because of its high fat content.

7. Eggs

Good news for egg lovers – they are great for winters. Eggs help the body fight infections and also provide us with lots of energy to do our daily chores.

winter foods

8. Mustard

Scientists have proved now that mustard oil can give canola or olive oil a run for their money. It is packed with nutrients, has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties and increases the metabolism rate. Not just that, when applied all over the  body before a bath, it cures dry skin problems and also keeps you warm.

9. Amla

Rich in Vitamin C, Amla boosts your immunity like no other food does during winter. Eat it raw, in a chutney, or powdered version , it helps keep your liver healthy, improves digestion and controls cholesterol.

10. Tulsi

A plant that almost every household in India has – Tulsi is known for its medicinal qualities for ages. Taken on an empty stomach in the morning along with honey, it helps keep cough at bay.

winter foods