October 3, 2016

It is time to move your mouthwash out of the bathroom cabinet where it stays only to be used hurriedly before date nights. With a composition that consists of alcohol and essential oils, it can be used for a number of things you never imagined. Find out for yourself how alcohol based mouthwash can get you out of many a tricky situation, thank us later.

1.  Clean Glass Surfaces

Unexpected guests at home and you didn’t find time to dust? Clean up your mirrors, glass windows, television and computer screens with a piece of cloth dabbed with mouthwash. It works like magic and leaves the surface squeaky clean.


 2.  Get Rid of Bad Odour

If your kitchen smelling of stale food, raw fish or onions, fret not. Just put some mouthwash on a piece of kitchen towel and place it in your trash can and say hello to a minty fresh kitchen.


 3.  Reduce Bruise Marks

This one is really handy for times when you have had a bruise. Rub some mouthwash right away and chances are that it will heal faster than usual.


 4. Treat Cuts, Wounds, Bug Bites

Mouthwash is very effective as a home remedy for bug bites, bee stings, acne, allergies, small cuts, toe and nail fungus and even poison ivy treatment. If you have small kids at home, keep a bottle handy at all times.


5.  End Your Dandruff Woes

Do you dread wearing black during the winter months?  We know dandruff can be stubborn and embarrassing. To get rid of it, wash your hair with regular shampoo and then rinse it with some alcohol-based mouthwash. Do it a few times, and see the results for yourself.


 6.  Use As Sanitizer

Run out of hand sanitizer? Carry a small bottle of mouthwash with you and it will give you the same results owing to the alcohol content. When using a public restroom, if you are worried about hygiene, just rub your hands with a paper napkin dabbed with mouthwash. It will kill the germs and reduce bad odour as well.


 7.  Alternative To Aftershave Lotion

 For times when you can’t find an aftershave lotion, just apply a bit of mouthwash instead. It has the same cooling and refreshing effect.

 8.  Get Rid Of Underarm Odour

Deodorant will only solve the problem momentarily. To get rid of the bacteria responsible for the foul smell, put some mouthwash on cotton balls and place it under your arms for a while. Beware, freshly shaved underarms will sting.

9.  Prevent Lice And Fleas

Whether your pet has a bad case of flea or your child has come back from school with lice, the only thing you will need to treat both is mouthwash. Add a capful of mouthwash to your pet’s bathing water. As for the lice, soak hair in mouthwash for two hours and wash with shampoo. This will prevent it from spreading.


10.  Quick Cure For Toothache

Toothaches can disrupt your entire routine and spoil your day. To combat them, dab a cotton ball with some mouthwash and hold it where it aches. It will give you temporary relief until you can reach your dentist.