October 20, 2016

Procrastinators by nature we all are, but when it comes to hosting a last minute house party, procrastinating might not be such a bad thing. Or, so we think. Last minute parties can be saved with a few hacks such as the following.

1. Hummus and Pita

Any party that needs some saving can rely on Hummus and Pita. It combines the everyday ingredients at your disposal, creating a party must have. If takes just five minutes to save the day, so why the hell not?

Last Minute House Party

Courtesy: challengedairy.com

2. Light it up

So, maybe this party wasn’t exactly planned, but that doesn’t mean your guests need to know. Light up your house with lights, that maybe you stored away from last year’s Christmas or Diwali celebrations. Lights have the ability to get anyone into party mode.

last minute house party

Courtesy: dhgate.com

3. Say it with balloons

Decorate a wall with a set of balloons, it makes for a lovely photo booth.

last minute house party

4. Music

A party without music, isn’t exactly what we’d call a party per se. Download some of the hottest mash-ups or some of those highly talked about club mixes and get your party started.

last minute house party

Courtesy: gorillathemes.com

5. Drink up

This one’s for the booze-aholics, if we may. Hiring a bartender or convincing your friends to play bartender for the evening might not be the only way. You could turn your bar area into a DIY cocktail zone where guests can whip up their own cocktails. This can be fun and satisfying at the same time.

last minute house party

Courtesy: unilotto.co.uk

6. Choose a Theme

Themed parties are a great way to lure guests in. When setting the theme, make sure you keep it simple and fun. Maybe a Hollywood or Bollywood inspired theme or one that’s got Old School written all over it.

last minute house party

Courtesy: linkcrafter.com

7. Invitations

This shouldn’t be too much of a problem, given this tech savvy age’s access to all things social media. Post an invitation on Facebook or your Whatsapp groups and you’ll have your guests storming in, in no time at all. No one ever needed a reason to party, now did they?

8. Cleaning

So, you’ve been too busy to clean up the house and there’s no time to give it a nice little scrub. What do you do? At times like this thinking smart can save you heaps of time. The kitchen, hall, restroom and dining areas are the most used areas. Make sure you clean these areas, so no one figures out how much you’ve been slacking.

last minute house party

Courtesy: milvydas.co.uk

9. Entertainment

Just in case the pace of the party slows down, be sure you have some of your favourite party games lying around. This can lighten the mood and also help keep your guests engaged, right to the very end.

last minute house party

10. Berry-licious starters

Salads are a great party entree, especially one that’s packed with berries and all things sweet. You could even make desserts out of these. T

last minute house party

Courtesy: wonderlandrecipes.com

These quick little hacks are bound to save the day, at times when they need the most saving. If you find yourself in a great need of time, resort to these quick savers. Who knows, your party could just be the next best thing.